Guitar: Classic Guitar and Lute 7412
Chamber Music 7418
Concert 7413
Duo 7414
Ensemble 7417
Methods 7420
Recordings 7421
Solos/Studies 7416
Technique 7415
Guitar: Fingerpicking 7472
Blues 7474
Celtic 7482
Classics 7476
Contemporary 7477
Methods 7475
Other Styles 7480
Ragtime 7481
Traditional 7479
Guitar: Flamenco 7406
Methods 7407
Solos 7409
Technique 7408
Guitar: Latin 7512
Methods 7515
Solos/Ensembles 7514
Chording 7553
Methods/Study 7554
Other 7555
Solos 7556
Technique 7558
Tunebooks 7557
Banjo: 5-String 7330
Chord 12923
Method 12924
Solos and Duets 12925
Tunebook 12926
Banjo: Clawhammer 7337
Chord 12936
Method 12937
Solos and Duets 12938
Tunebook 12939
Banjo:Tenor 7340
Chord 12941
Method 12942
Solos and Duets 12943
Tunebook 12944
Dulcimer: Hammered 7371
Chord 12994
Method 12995
Solos 12996
Dulcimer: Mountain 7375
Chord 12998
Method 12999
Solos 13000
Harmonica: Diatonic 7517
Blues Harp 7518
Methods 7520
Other 7521
Solos 7522
Drum Set 7572
Ensemble 7576
Mallet 7574
Snare Drum 7573
Duos/Ensembles 7587
Methods 7588
Solos 7589
Tunebooks 7590
Baritone 7606
Chords 7608
Methods 7607
Songbooks 7609
Accordion 7308
Concertina 7311
Melodeon 12914
Piano Accordion 7309
Bassoon 7352
Cello 7353
Duet/Ensemble 12952
Method 12953
Solos 12954
Tunebook 12955
Clarinet 7361
Method 12957
Solos and Duets 12958
Tunebook 12959
Flute, Fife and Oboe 7395
Fife 13034
Method 13028
Oboe 13035
Solos 13029
Tunebook 13030
French Horn 7405
Organ 7534
Other String Acoustic 7561
Bajo Sexto 7562
Bowed Psaltery 7567
Charango 7563
Guitarron 7564
Lute 7565
Oud 7566
Sitar 7568
Tres 7569
Vihuela 7570
String Bass 7592
Tinwhistle 7596
Instruments 7598
Methods/Study 7597
Tunebooks 7599
Trumpet & Bugle 7345
Duos/Ensembles 7350
Methods 7346
Solos 7348
Tunebooks 7351
Viola 7611
Violin 7612
Accessories 7613
Classics 7615
Duet/Ensemble 7616
Methods 7617
Solos/Tunebooks 7619

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