The Granger Collection (eBook + Online Audio)
A collection of 508 fiddle tunes

Now for the first time in standard notation, all 508 fiddle tunes in Adam Granger's seminal collection, Granger's Fiddle Tunes for Guitar, also published by Mel Bay Publications, are presented in The Granger Collection.

This 248-page book is a wide-reaching and well-documented collection of fiddle tunes including reels, hoedowns, hornpipes, rags, breakdowns, jigs and slip-jigs, presented in Southern, Northe ...more

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Granger Publications
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Now for the first time in standard notation, all 508 fiddle tunes in Adam Granger's seminal collection, Granger's Fiddle Tunes for Guitar, also published by Mel Bay Publications, are presented in The Granger Collection.

This 248-page book is a wide-reaching and well-documented collection of fiddle tunes including reels, hoedowns, hornpipes, rags, breakdowns, jigs and slip-jigs, presented in Southern, Northern, Irish, Canadian, Texas and Old-time styles.

There are 508 fiddle tunes referenced under 2500 titles and alternate titles. Over 40 tunes are also presented in alternate key settings. The titles are fully indexed, making the book doubly valuable as a reference book and a source book.

Includes access to online audio by Adam of all 508 tunes, each played once at a moderate tempo, with rhythm on one channel and lead on the other.

Also included in The Granger Collection are descriptions of tune types presented in the book as well as information on tune sources and a history of the collection.

About these tunes

How to use The Granger Collection

About Sources

The Story of Granger’s Fiddle Tunes for Guitar

List of Tunes

   As I Went out upon the Ice

  Bachelor Jig

  Ball and Chain Hornpipe

  Bally Desmond

  Banish Misfortune

  The Banjo Old-Time Polka

  Banjo Tramp

  Bantry Bay

  Barlow Knife

  The Barmaid

  La Bastringue

  The Battering Ram

  Bay of Fundy

  Bee's Wing

  Beet Pie


  Belfast Jig

  Belle of Lexington

  Bessie Brown

  Big Indian Hornpipe

  Big John MacNeil's

  Bill Cheatham

  Billy in the Lowground

  Billy Wilson's Clog

  Bitter Creek

  Blackberry Blossom G

  Blackberry Rag

  Black Cat in the Briar Patch

  Black Mountain Rag

  The Black Nag

  The Blackthorn Stick

  The Blarney Pilgrim

  Blue Eagle Hornpipe

 Blue Goose

  Blue Mountain Hornpipe

  Blue Mule

  Bobby Shafto

  Bonaparte's Retreat

  Bonnie Dundee

  Boston Boy

  Boston Boys

  Bottle Bank

  The Boys of Blue Hill

  Briar Picker Brown


  Brown Button Shoes

  Brushy Run

  Buffalo Gals

  Bull at the Wagon

  The Bunratty Boys

  Burnt Potato Jig

  Butterfly Slip-Jig

  Byrne's Favorite Hornpipe

  Byrne's Hornpipe

  Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap

 Carmody's Jig

  Carpenter's Reel

  Carrick Jig

 The Cat Rambles to the Child's Sauce Pan

  Cattle in the Cane

  Charming Molly Branigan

  The Chateauquay Reel

  Cheat Mountain

  Cherokee Shuffle


  Chippewa Breakfast

  Cincinnati Hornpipe



  Cock of the North

  Cold Frosty Morning

  Coleman's Cross


  Colonial Breakdown

  Colored Aristocracy

  Coming Down from Denver

  Constitution Hornpipe

  The Corner House

  Corney's Coming

  Cotton-Eyed Joe French-Canadian

  Cotton-Eyed Joe Old-Time

  Cotton Patch Rag

  Cowboy's Dream

  Cowboy's Jig

  Cowboy's Reel

 Cricket on the Hearth

  Cripple Creek

  The Crooked Stovepipe

  The Cuckoo's Nest


   Cumberland Gap

   Daley's Reel

   Dance All Night and Never Get Tired

   Dance All Night with a Bottle in Your Hand

   Darling Honey

   La Demelee

   Dennis Murphy's Polka

   Devil's Dream

  The Dingle Regatta

   Diving Six

   Dog in the Rye Straw

   Doheny's Favorite

   Doherty's Reel

   Done Gone

  The Dongal Jig

   Don Tremaine's Reel

   Dowd's Reel

   Drag Her 'round the Road

   Drops of Spring Water

   Drunken Billy Goat

   Dry and Dusty

   Dry Creek Reel


   Ducks on the Mill Pond

   Ducks on the Pond

   Durang's Hornpipe Bluegrass

   Durang's Hornpipe Irish

   Durham's Reel

   Dusty Bob Jig

   Dusty Miller Bluegrass

   Dusty Miller Irish


   Eddie Kelly's

  The Eighth of January C

  The Eighth of January G

 Elfin Jig

   Ellen O'Grady


   Fair Maiden

   Farewell to Ireland

   Farewell to Old Decancy

  The Farmer's Jamboree

   Father Kelly's

   Father O'Flynn

   Fat Meat and Dumplings

   Fiddlehead Reel

   Fiddler's Dram

   Fiddler's Dream

   Fiddler's Hoedown

   Finnish Polka

   Finnish Schottische

   Fireman's Reel

   Fire on the Mountain

  The First of May

  The First Sign of Light

   Fisher's Hornpipe D

   Fisher's Hornpipe F

   Flies in the Buttermilk

   Flop-Eared Mule

  The Flowers of Edinburgh

  The Flowing Tide

   Flying Cloud

  The Fly by Night Hornpipe

   Forester's Hornpipe

   Forked Deer

   Fort Smith


   Fox-Hunter's Slip-Jig D

   Fox-Hunter's Slip-Jig G


   Freddie's Favorite Jig

   Fred Wilson's Clog

   French Mary

   Full-Rigged Ship

   Galway Hornpipe

   Gary Owen

   Gaspe Reel

   Geese in the Bog


   Georgia Row

  The Girl I Left behind Me

   Globe Hornpipe

   Globetrotter's Jig

   Goin' down to Cairo

  The Golden Eagle Hornpipe

  The Golden Keyboard

   Golden Wedding Hornpipe

  The Golden Wedding Reel

  The Gold Ring

   Good Ale Slip-Jig

   Good for the Tongue


  The Gramsey Jig

   Grandfather's Reel

   Grant Lamb's Breakdown

  The Green Banks of Rossbeigh

  The Green Fields of America

  The Green Gates

   Green Willis

   Grey Eagle

   Griffin Hornpipe

  The Grove

   Growling Old Man and Cackling Old Woman

   Hamilton County

   Harvest Home

   Haste to the Wedding

   Hauling Home

  The Hawk

  The Headlight Reel

  Hell Broke Loose in Georgia

  The Helseyside Reel

  Here and There

  Hibernian Reel

  High Level Hornpipe

  High Yellow

  Hobb's Favorite

  Hog Trough Reel

  Hollow Poplar

  Hooker's Hornpipe

  The Horse's Leotard

  Hull's Victory D

  Hull's Victory F

  Humors of Ballyloughlin

  Humors of Kilkenny

  Humours of Whiskey

  Hundred Pipers

  The Hunter's Purse

  Huntsman's Chorus

  Ice on the Road

  I Don't Love Nobody

  The Irish Washerwoman

  Jack Danielson's Reel


  Jackson's Fancy



  Jenny Lind

  Jenny Lind Polka

  Jenny's Welcome to Charlie

  Jeune Marie Reel

  Jim Kennedy's Favorite

  Joe Tanzy's

  Johan pa Snippen

  John Brown's Dream

  John Hardy

  Johnny Don't Get Drunk

  Johnny Leary's

  Johnny's Gone To France

  John Paul Jamieson

  The Jolly Seven

  The Joy of My Life

  The Jug of Punch

  June Apple



  Katy Hill

  Kaw River

  The Key West Hornpipe

  Kiely's Reel

  The Kildare Fancy

  Kingdom Coming

  Kitchen Girl

  Kitty McGee

  Lamplighter Hornpipe

  Lardner's Reel

  Lark in the Morning D

  Lark in the Morning Em

  Lark on the Strand Em-G

  Lark on the Strand G #

   Lark on the Strand G #

   Lark's March

   Lassie's Fancy

   Last Night's Fun Reel

   Last Night's Fun Slip-Jig

  The Laundry Boy

   Leather Britches

   Leo Carroll's Hornpipe

  The Leprechaun

   Liam Brown


   Lightning in the West

   Limerick Lasses

   Lonesome Road Blues

   Lone Star Rag

  The Longford Collector

   Lost Indian

   Lucy Campbell Irish

   Lucy Campbell Fr-Canadian or Scottish

   Madame Bonaparte

   Maggie Brown


   Maid of Ballydoo

   Marmaduke's Hornpipe

  The Marquis of Waterford

   Martha Campbell

   Martin Wynne's Reel

   Mason's Apron

   McGettrick's Reel

   McGibbney's Fancy

   McNabb's Hornpipe

  The Merry Blacksmith

   Micko Russell's

   Mike Maloney

   Miller's Reel

   Minstrel's Fancy

   Mississippi Sawyer

   Missouri Quick-Step

   Moll Roe's

   Monsignor's Blessing

   Morning Dew


   Mouse in the Cupboard

   Mrs Bollick's

   Mug of Brown Ale

   My Brother's Letter

   Naked and Bare

   Nellie's Jig

   New Broom

   New Century Hornpipe Irish

   New Century Hornpipe Old-Time

  The New Copper Plate

   Newfoundland Breakdown

   Niagara Hornpipe

   Nine Miles out of Louisville

   Nothing to It

   Off She Goes

   Off to California


   Oklahoma Redbird C

   Oklahoma Redbird G

  The Old Copper Plate

  The Old Countryman's Reel

   Old French

  The Old Gray Mare Came Tearing out of The Wilderness

   Old Joe Clark

   Old Molly Hare

   Old Mother Flanagan

   Old Zip Coon

   On the Waves

  The Orphan

   Over the Waterfall

   Paddy on the Turnpike G

   Paddy on the Turnpike Gm

   Paddy Whack Jig

   Partie du Quadrille

   Peter Street

   Pet of Pipers


  La Piedera

   Pig Ankle Rig

   Pigeon on the Gate A

   Pigeon on the Gate Em

   Pike's Peak

   Pipe on the Hob

  The Plains of Boyce

   Pop Goes the Weasel

   Possum up a Gum Stump

   Possum up a 'Simmon tree

   President Garfield's

   President Grant's

   Pretty Little Dog

   Pretty Little Indian

   Pretty Maggie Morrissey

   Private Ass and Cart

   Proudlock's Hornpipe

   Queen of the West

   Rabbit in a Pea Patch

   Raggedy Anne

  The Rakes of Kildare

   Rambler's Horpipe

   Reavy's Reel

   Red Apple Rag



   Red-Haired Boy

   Red Line Hornpipe


   Reefer's Hornpipe


  La Reel du Cultivateur

   Ricker's Hornpipe

   Rickert's Hornpipe

  The Rights of Man

   Rippling Waters Jig

   Roaring Mary

   Robinson County

   Rock the Cradle Joe

   Rocky Pallet

  The Rocky Road to Dublin Old- Time

  The Rocky Road to Dublin Irish

   Rory O'Moore

   Rosemary Lane

  The Rose Tree

  The Route

   Run Boy Run

   Rushes and Peppers

   Rutland's Reel

   Rye Straw

  St. Anne's Reel

  Sally Goodin

  Sally Johnson

  Salt Creek

  Salty River Reel

  Sandy River Belle

  Sandy Road

  Saratoga Hornpipe

  Say Old Man

  The Scholar

  Scotland the Brave

  Sean Ryan's Hornpipe

  Sean Ryan's Jig

  Sergeant Early's Dream

  Seth's Reel

  Sheep and Hogs Walking through the Pasture

  Shelbourne Reel

  Ships Are Sailing

  Shoemaker's Reel

  Shootin' Creek

  Shoot the Turkey Buzzard

  Silver Spear

  Silver Star Hornpipe

  Sinking Creek

  Six Penny Money

  Sleepy-Eyed Joe

  The Small Hills of Offlay

  Smash the Windows

  Snoring Mrs Gobeil

  Snow Deer

  Snowflake Breakdown

  Snowflake Hornpipe

  Soldier's Joy

  Soppin' the Gravy

  Sorenson's Rhinelander

  Sourwood Mountain

  Spanish Jig

  Speed the Plough Irish

  Speed the Plough Old-Time

  Spotted Pony

  Star of Munster

  Staten Island Hornpipe

  Success to the Fleet

  Sugar in the Gourd A

  Sugar in the Gourd - Am

  The Sunshine Hornpipe

  Swallowtail Jig

  Sawamplake Breakdown

  Swedish Walking Tune

  Swinging on the Gate


  Teetotal Jig

  Telegraph Hornpipe

  Telephone Hornpipe

  Tennessee Fiddler

  The Ten-Penny Bit


  Texas Gales

  Texas Two-Step

  The Tin Wedding

  Tom Billy's Jig

  Tommie Jig

  Tongs by the Fire

  The Top of Cork Road

  Toss the Feathers

  To the Ladies

  Tripping up the Stairs


  Tunes from Home

  Turkey in a Pea Patch

  Turkey in the Cottonwood

  Turkey in the Straw

  Twinkle Little Star

  Uncle Henry's Reel

  Uncle Joe

  Victory Breakdown

  Wade Hampton's Hornpipe


  Walker's Street Reel

  Waling in My Sleep

  Walking in the Parlor Long

  Walking in the Parlor Short

  The Walking Minstrel

  Waxie's Dargle

  Weave and Way

  Western Gals

  Westfork Gals

  When Johnny Comes Marching Home Am

  When Johnny Comes Marching Home G

  When You Go Home

  Whiskey and Beer

  Whiskey Before Breakfast

  Whistling Rufus

  A Wife of My Own

  Wild Horses

  Williamson's Hornpipe

  Wind That Shakes the Barley

  Winnipeg Reel

  Woman of the House

  Woodchopper's Breakdown


  The Year of Jubilo

  Yellow Barber

  Yellow Gal




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