Acoustic Music Source Book (eBook)
Over 200 Old-Time Songs With Melody Line, Lyrics & Guitar Chords
Bill Bay asked me to write a follow up book to my last book, "The Bluegrass Pickers Tune Book (20233)." If you like Bluegrass music (232 songs) I'd recommend getting that book to add to your collection. The focus of this book, "The Acoustic Source Book" is on roots and old-time music. The book is focused on the time period from late 1800's until 1940's.
There are a few songs from The Bluegrass Book that were too important to be left out. I decided not to use any patriotic and Christmas songs and came up ...more
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Bill Bay asked me to write a follow up book to my last book, "The Bluegrass Pickers Tune Book (20233)." If you like Bluegrass music (232 songs) I'd recommend getting that book to add to your collection. The focus of this book, "The Acoustic Source Book" is on roots and old-time music. The book is focused on the time period from late 1800's until 1940's.
There are a few songs from The Bluegrass Book that were too important to be left out. I decided not to use any patriotic and Christmas songs and came up with a list of about 400 songs which eventually was cut down to over 200. During the late 1800's and early 1900's there was an important evolution in American music; the birth of jazz, ragtime, and blues. This was also the period of the phonograph and early commercial recordings. Music from the Minstrel period as well as traditional songs were used as staple for the roots musicians. In the early 1900's there were rags, blues, gospel, Tin-Pan Alley, jug band, spiritual, old-time country and popular songs. I've tried to include some of the well-known songs from every genre to give you a big slice of Americana.
There are some great songs that are popular roots, bluegrass and old-time songs today that have never been published. There are also great songs that are not well known that should be played and enjoyed.
After The Ball 
Ain’t Gonna Lay My Armor Down 
Ain’t Gonna Study War No More (See: Down by the Riverside)
Ain't Nobody's Business/T’Ain’t Nobody’s Business/Nobody’s
Ain't That Trouble In Mind (See: Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind)
Alabama Bound 
Alabama Jubilee 
Alberta (See: Corinna, Corinna)
Alexander's Ragtime Band 
All My Trials Lord 
All Night Long/Richmond Blues 
All The Pretty Little Horses 
Amazing Grace 
Angel Band 
Angelina Baker/Angeline, the Baker 
As I Went Down to the River/Valley to Pray 
At A Georgia Camp Meeting 
Atlanta Blues (See: Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor)
Aunt Rhody 
Baby Mine; (See: Banjo Pickin’ Girl/Going 'Round This World,Baby Mine)
Baby-O; (See: Whatcha Gonna Do With The Baby-O)
Baby, All Night Long (See: All Night Long/Richmond Blues)
Back Up and Push 
Bald-Headed End of the Broom 
Band Played On, The 
Banjo Pickin' Girl 
Banks Of The Ohio 
Barbara Allen 
Battle Hymn of the Republic (See: Pass Around the Bottle)
Battleship Of Maine, The 
Beautiful Dreamer (Stephen Foster) 
Been To The East Been To the West 
Bell Cow (See: Old Bell Cow)
Bicycle Built For Two (See: Daisy Bell)
Big Ball’s In Town/Big Ball in Boston; (See: Roll on the Ground)
Big Rock Candy Mountain 
Bile Dem Cabbage Down 
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home? 
Billy Boy 
Billy Grimes The Rover 
Bird in a Cage 
Bird in a Gilded Cage, A 
Birmingham Jail (See: Down in the Valley)
Black Dog Blues 
Black Jack Davy (See: Gypsy Davy)
Blackest Crow, The (See: My Dearest Dear)
Blue-tail Fly (See: Jim Crack Corn)
Boatman Dance 
Bottle Up and Go (See: Step it Up and Go)
Bringing in the Sheaves 
Buffalo Gals 
CC Rider (See: Easy Rider)
Camptown Races 
Can The Circle Be Unbroken (See: Will the Circle Be Unbroken)
Cannonball Blues/Solid Gone 
Careless Love 
Casey Jones 
Cat Came Back, The 
Cat's Got The Measles 
Charley Is A Good Ol' Man 
Chicken Reel 
Chilly Winds (See: Lonesome Road Blues)
Cider/Cider Mill (See: Paddy Won’t You Drink Some)
Climbing Up The Golden Stairs 
Columbus Stockade Blues 
Coming Round The Mountain (See: She’ll Be Coming Round The
Cotton Mill Blues 
Cowboy’s Lament (See: Streets Of Laredo)
Cripple Creek 
Crow Black Chicken 
Crow Jane 
Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built for Two) 
Dance All Night With A Bottle In Your Hand 
Danny Boy 
Dark Hollow 
Darling Nellie Gray 
Days of Forty-Nine 
Delia’s Gone 
Derby Ram (See: Didn’t He Ramble)
Devilish Mary 
Diamond Joe 
Didn’t He Ramble
Down in the Valley/Birmingham Jail
Down on Penny’s Farm
Down to the River/Valley to Pray (See: As I Went Down To The River To Pray)
Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind 
Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down 
Down by the Riverside 
Down in the Valley 
Down on Penny’s Farm 
Down Yonder 
Downhearted Blues 
Drunken Sailor 
Ducks On The Mill Pond RM (Lomax bk)
Easy Rider 
Fall On My Knees 
Fifteen Cents (See: Give Me Back My Fifteen Cents)
Fishing Blues 
Fly around My Pretty Little Miss (See: Pretty Little Pink)
Footprints in the Snow 
Four Cent Cotton 
Four Nights Drunk (Our Goodman) 
Fox, The 
Frankie and Johnny 
Froggie Went A-Courtin' 
Gambler’s Blues (St. James Infirmary) 
George Collins 
Georgia Camp Meeting (See: At A Georgia Camp Meeting)
Georgia Railroad 
Gettin' Upstairs- (See: Such a Getting Upstairs)

Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee, The 
Give Me Back My Fifteen Cents 
Give Me That Old Time Religion (See: Old Time Religion)
Go Tell Aunt Rhody (See: Aunt Rhody)
Going Down the Road Feeling Bad (See: Lonesome Road Blues) 
Going 'Round This World (See: Banjo Pickin’ Girl)
Going To Raise A Ruckus Tonight (See: Raise A Ruckus Tonight)
Golden Slippers (See: Oh, Dem Golden Slippers)
Goodbye Liza Jane (See: Mountaineer's Love Song)
Grandfather's Clock 
Green Pastures 
Gypsy Davey 
Handsome Molly 
Hard Times in the Mill (See: Cotton Mill Blues)
He's Got the Whole World in His Hand 
Hesitation Blues 
Home on The Range 
Hop Along Peter 
House Of the Rising Sun 
How Long, How Long Blues 
I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow (See: Man of Constant Sorrow)
I Am A Pilgrim 
I Don't Love Nobody 
I Gave My Love a Cherry (See: Riddle Song, The)
I Got A Bulldog 
I Never Will Marry 
I Ride an Old Paint 
I Truly Understand 
I Want A Girl 
I’ll Rise When the Rooster Crows 
I’ll Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (See: Roll in My
Sweet Babies)
I'm Alabama Bound- (See: Alabama Bound)
I’m Just a Poor Wayfaring Stranger (See: Poor
Wayfaring Stranger)
I'm Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad (See: Lonesome
Road Blues)
I’m in the Jailhouse Now (See: In the Jailhouse Now)
I’ve Always Been A Rambler 
I’ve Got the Lovesick Blues (See: Lovesick Blues)
Ida Red 
In the Good Old Summertime 
In the Jailhouse Now 
In The Pines 
It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More (See: Ain’t Gonna Rain)
Jesse James 
Jim Along Josey 
Jimmy Sutton (See: Old Jimmy Suttton)
John Brown’s Dream (See: Little Rabbit)
John Hardy 
John Henry 
Johnny, Get Your Gun 
Johnson’s Old Grey Mule (See: Thompson's Old Grey Mule)
June Apple 
Just A Closer Walk With Thee 
Katy Dear (See: Silver Dagger)
Keep On The Sunnyside 
Kentucky Moonshiner 
King Kong Kitchee 
Kitty Alone 
Last Payday At Coal Creek (See: Payday at Coal Creek)
L'il Liza Jane 
Letter Edged in Black 
Listen To The Mockingbird 
Little Brown Jug 
Little Maggie 
Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane 
Little Rabbit 
Little Sadie 
Liza Jane (See: Mountaineer's Love Song)
Londonderry Air (See: Danny Boy)
Lonesome Road Blues 
Lovesick Blues 
Lulu Walls 
Mama Don’t ‘Low 
Man Of Constant Sorrow 
Meet Me in the Moonlight 
Michael Row the Boat Ashore 
Molly Hare (See: Old Molly Hare)
Moonshiner (See: Kentucky Moonshiner)
Motherless Children 
Mountaineer's Love Song 
New Prisoner’s Song (See: Meet Me in the Moonlight)
Nine Hundred Miles 
Nine-Pound Hammer 
Nobody's Business (See: Ain't Nobody's Bizness)
Oh Dem Golden Slippers 
Oh Didn’t He Ramble (See: Didn’t He Ramble)
Oh Susanna 
Old Aunt Peggy Won't You Set 'em Up Again (See: Pass
Around the Bottle)
Old Bell Cow 
Old Chisolm Trail 
Old Dan Tucker 
Old Grey Mare/Down in Alabama 
Old Jimmy Sutton 
Old Joe Clark 
Old Molly Hare 
Old Time Religion 
On Top Of Old Smokey 
Other Side Of Jordan, The (See: Jordan Is A Hard Road
To Travel)
Our Goodman (See: Four Nights Drunk)
Out on Penny’s Farm (See: Down on Penny’s Farm)
Over the Garden Wall 
Paddy Won’t You Drink Some Good Ol’ Cider 
Pallet on the Floor 
Papa's Billy Goat (See: Bill Grogan’s Goat) 
Paper Of Pins 
Pass Around the Bottle 
Paul and Silas 
Payday At Coal Creek 
Peg and Awl 
Penny’s Farm (See: Down on Penny’s Farm)
Peter Went Fishing (See: Georgia Railroad)
Polly Wolly Doodle 
Poor Wayfaring Stranger 

Prettiest Little Girl In The County-O; 
Pretty Little Pink 
Pretty Saro 
Prisoner’s Dream (See: Logan County Jail)
Prisoner’s Song (See: Meet Me In the Moonlight)
Putting On the Style 
Ragged But Right 
Railroad Bill 
Raise A Ruckus Tonight 
Red Apple Juice 
Richmond Blues ( See: All Night Long)
Rise When the Rooster Crows (See: I’ll Rise When
The Rooster Crows)
Rock Island Line 
Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms 
Roll On The Ground 
Saint Louis Blues 
Salty Dog Blues 
Scarborough Fair 
She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain 
She's Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage (See: Bird in a Gilded Cage)
Shorty George 
Shout Mourner (See: You Shall Be Free) 
Silver Dagger 
Sing Song Kitty (See: King Kong Kitchee)
Solid Gone (See: Cannonball Blues)
Spike Driver Blues 
Sporting Cowboy (See: Logan County Jail)
St. James Infirmary (See: Gambler’s Blues)
Step It Up and Go 
Stillhouse (See: Paddy Won’t You Drink Some)
Street’s of Laredo (Cowboy’s Lament)
Sugar Hill 
Swannanoa Tunnel 
T’Ain’t Nobody’s Buziness (See: Ain’t No Nobody’s Business)
Take A Drink On Me 
Take Me Out To the Ballgame 
Take This Hammer (See: Swannanoa Tunnel)
Tear It Down 
Tell Old Bill 
This Morning, This Evening, So Soon (See: Tell Old Bill)
There Ain’t No Bugs On Me (See: Ain’t No Bugs on Me)
Thompson's Old Grey Mule 
Tom Dooley 
Train Forty-Five (See: Nine Hundred Miles)
Uncle Bud- Version  (Mack McCormick) 
Viola Lee Blues 
Wade In The Water 
Wagoner’s Lad 
Water Is Wide, The 
What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor (See: Drunken Sailor)
What’ll I Do With The Baby-O? 
When The Saints 
When The Good Lord Sets You Free (See: You Shall Be Free)
White House Blues 
Who Broke The Lock? 
Whoa Mule 
Wildwood Flower 
Willie Moore HD 
Yellow Rose Of Texas
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