The Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes, Volume One (Book)
Hoedowns, Breakdowns, & Reels
Meticulously collected from recordings, square and contra dances, fiddle contests, jam sessions and individual fiddlers- this book is meant to provide a snapshot of what American fiddlers were playing and listening to in the latter part of the 20th Century. As the vinyl record format disappears from the marketplace, a great deal of recorded fiddle music will no longer be available. In this book, Stacy Phillips shares the fruits of some timely collecting for all fiddlers to enjoy. Bowings, fingerings, and g ...more
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Multiple Levels
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Standard Notation
8.75 x 11.75
Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
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Meticulously collected from recordings, square and contra dances, fiddle contests, jam sessions and individual fiddlers- this book is meant to provide a snapshot of what American fiddlers were playing and listening to in the latter part of the 20th Century. As the vinyl record format disappears from the marketplace, a great deal of recorded fiddle music will no longer be available. In this book, Stacy Phillips shares the fruits of some timely collecting for all fiddlers to enjoy. Bowings, fingerings, and guitar chords are provided for each melody line.
A Bottle Of Wine And A Ginger Cake       Played By Blaine Smith
A Bunch Of Chickens, Aka Inimitable Reel       Played By John Summers
Abe's Retreat, Aka Battle Of Bull Run, Aka Manassa       Played By Danny Gardella
Ace Of Spades, Aka Billy Wilson       Played By Benny Thomasson
Across The Sea       Played By Tom Carter And Tom Sauber
Ain't Got No Honey Babe Now, Aka Got No Honey...       Played By Greg Canote
Albert Dougherty's D-Tune No. 1       Played By Lotus Dickey
All Young       Played By Melvin Wine
And The Cat Came Back       Played By Kevin Wimmer
Angeline The Baker, Aka Coon Dog, Walk Up Georgia       Played By Stuart Duncan
Angus Campbell       Played By Kelly Jones
Anne Marie's Reel       Played By Don Cameron
Apple Blossom       Played By Benny Thomasson & John Lusk
Arkansas Traveler      
Arkansas Turnback       Played By Art Galbraith
Back Step Candy, Aka Hollyding, Old Time Back Step       Played By Tommy Jarrell
Back Up And Push       Played By Curley Ray Cline
Barlow Knife, Aka Cabin Creek       Played By Danny Gardella & Ralph Troxell
Batchelder's Reel       Played By Jane Mcbride With Strathspey
Bayne Water, Aka Boyne Water, Praises Of Limerick       Played By William Franklin George
Bear Creek Hop       Played By Dale Potter
Bear Pen Hollow       Played By Lynn Smith
Beatrice       Played By Ruthie Dornfeld
Been To The East, Been To West       Played By Mary Lea
Belle Of Lexington       Played By Skip Gorman
Belled Buzzard       Played By Tony Thomas & Ruthie Dornfeld
Benton's Dream       Played By Benton Flippen
Betty Likens       Played By Alan Jabbour With The Hollow Rock String
Big Footed Man In The Sandy Lot       Played By Charlie Stripling
Big John Mcneill      
Big Scioty       Played By Bill Christopherson & Tom Phillips
Bill Cheatem      
Bill Katon's Tune       Played By Charlie Walden
Billy In The Lowground, Aka Fiddler's Drunk, The F       Played By Billy Baker & John Johnson & Clyde Daven
Birkhall Reel       Played By Donna Hebert
Bitter Creek       Played By Tommy Jackson
Black Cat In The Briar Patch       Played By Armin Barnett
Black Eyed Susan, Aka Hop Up Kitty Puss       Played By Doc Roberts, John Summers
Blackberry Blossom       Played By Benny Thomasson & Buddy Thomas & Judy Hy
Blind Man's Reel       Played By Gretchen Kohler, Gerry Robichaud
Blind Steer In A Mudhole       Played By Jeff Goering With The Red Mule String Ba
Blue Eagle       Played By Lewis Franklin
Blue Flame       Played By Jesse Ashlock
Boating Up Sandy       Played By Clyde Davenport, Owen Chapman, Wilson Do
Bob Tailed Mule       Played By Larry Shumway
Bob Wine's Tune       Played By Melvin Wine
Boil The Cabbage Down, Aka Bile...      
Boll Weevil       Played By Ralph Troxell
Bonnie Kate Reel       Played By Benny Thomasson
Booth       Played By Marcus Martin
Bottom Of The Punchbowl      
Boys My Money's All Gone       Played By Charlie Bowman
Briarpicker Brown       Played By Bill Christopherson
Brickyard Joe, Aka Morris Allen's Brickyard Joe       Played By Doc Roberts, Buddy Thomas
Brisk Young Soldier       Played By Harvey Taylor
Broad Run Picnic       Played By John Ashby
Broken Down Gambler       Played By Manco Snead
Brown Button Shoes       Played By Buddy Thomas
Brushy Fork       Played By Kenny Sidle
Brushy Fork Of John's Creek       Played By Stuart Duncan
Brushy Run       Played By Danny Gardella
Buck Mountain       Played By Pete Sutherland
Buffalo Gals       Played By Benny Thomasson
Bug In The Taters       Played By Charlie Bowman
Bull At The Wagon       Played By Earl Collins
Bummer's Reel, Aka Fletcher's Delight       Played By Elmer Barton
Bye-Bye My Honey, I'm Gone       Played By Lotus Dickey
Cacklin' Hen, Aka Old Hen Cackled       Played By Chubby Wise
Camp Chase       Played By Skip Gorman, Bruce Molsky
Casey Jones       Played By Art Stamper
Catlettsburg       Played By Ed Haley
Cattle In The Cane, Aka Cattle In The Corn       Played By Sam Bush & Benny Thompson, John Hartford
Cedar Gap       Played By Owen Chapman
Charles Guiteau       Played By Greg Canote
Charleston Girls       Played By Melvin Wine
Charleston No. 1       Played By Doc Roberts
Chatanooga       Played By Blaine Smith
Cherokee Shuffle      
Chicken In The Barnyard       Played By Clark Kessinger
Chicken Reel      
Chief Sitting Bull, Aka Big Chief Sitting In The R       Played By Dale Morris And Gary Lee Moore
Chinese Breakdown       Played By Lyman Enloe
Chinkapin Hunting, Aka Chinquapin Hunting       Played By Chad Crumm With The Chicken Chokers
Chinky Pin, Aka I'm My Momma's Darling, Love Someb       Played By Clark Kessinger
Choctaw       Played By Mark O'conner
Choctaw Bill       Played By Bob Douglas
Chorus Jig       Played By Alan Block
Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over       Played By John Carson & Earl Johnson
Chuck In The Bush       Played By James Chancellor & Matthew Hartz, Stuart
Cider, Aka Cider Mill, Stillhouse       Played By Bruce Molsky With Bob Carlin
Cindy, Aka Get Along Home, Cindy       Played By Kenny Baker W/Bill Monroe & The Blue Gra
Cleveland Is Elected       Played By Jim Willie Pruitt
Climb The Golden Stairs       Played By Greg Canote
Clyde Durst's Tune       Played By Cyril Stinnett
Cobbler's Reel, Aka You Married My Daughter But Ye       Played By Danny Gardella, Ben Guillmette
Cold, Frosty Morning      
Coming Down From Denver, Aka Turnpike Reef, Lardne       Played By Byron Berline
Cornstalk Fiddle And Shoestring Bow       Played By Clyde Davenport
Cotton Eyed Joe       Played By Bob Wills & Leah Weiss, Tommy Magness, J
Cottonwood Reel       Played By Vivian Williams
Countryman's Reel, Aka Flowers Of Cahirciveen       Played By John Francis
Cousin Sally Brown       Played By Marcus Martin
Cowboy's Dream       Played By B. Christopherson & S. Ainslie W/The Fly
Cowhide Boots       Played By Armin Barnett
Cranberry Rock       Played By Burl Hammons & Mel Marshall
Crazy Creek       Played By Ken Koseck, Byron Berline
Creek Nation       Played By Tom Carter & Tom Sauber
Cricket On The Hearth       Played By Kenny Baker
Cripple Creek, Aka Going Up (Or Down) Brushy Fork       Played By Clark Kessinger & Benny Thomasson, Mark
Crockett's Honeymoon       Played By Ruthie Dornfield
Cuffy       Played By Danny Gardella
Cumberland Gap       Played By Luther Strong, Ruthie Dornfield, Paul Wa
Cutting At The Point       Tom Carter & Ron Kane With The Deseret String Band
Dailey's Reel      
Dan Friend's Piece       Played By Ernie Carpenter
Dance Around The Molly       Played By Jake Hockmeyer
Dance Boatman, Dance       Played By Bruce Molsky
Dance Terpischore       Played By Pete Sutherland
Darkie's Curley Hair       Played By Frank Reed
Darling Honey       Played By Lonnie Seymour
Day's Wedding       Played J.W. Day
Dead Slave       Played By John Hartford
Denver Belle       Played By Paul Warren
Devil Ate The Groundhog       Played By Owen Chapman
Devil In The Haystack       Played By Bruce And Steve Greene
Devil In The Woodpile       Played By Melvin Wine
Devil On A Stump       Played By Art Stamper, Alan Jabbour W/The Hollow R
Devil's Dream       Played By Kelly Jones
Dickey's Discovery       Played By Lotus Dickey
Dickie Rogers       Played By Gerry Robichaud
Did You Ever See The Devil, Uncle Joe, Aka Hop Lig      
Dirty Sheets       Played By Melvin Wine
Doc Jessup       Played By Art Galbraith
Doctor, Doctor, Aka Dear Doctor       Played By Greg Canote
Doggie On The Carpet       Played By Ruthie Dornfield
Dolly       Played By W.M. Stepp
Don Tremaine's Reel       Played By Tom Mccreesh And Jay Ungar
Don't Come Home Drunk, Johnny       Played By Art Stamper
Done Gone       Played By J.T. Perkins, Eck Robertson, Ruthie Dorn
Down The Pike       Played By Lotus Dickey
Drunken Billy Goat, Aka Rocky Mountain Goat, Mud F       Played By Vivian Williams
Dry And Dusty, Aka The Charge Of Bonaparte       Played By Kenny Baker, Lynn Smith
Dry Creek Reel       Played By Vivian Williams
Dubuque, Aka Old Dubuque, General Lee, Duck River,       Played By Tom Mccreesh, Jay Ungar & Art Galbraith
Ducks On The Millpond, Aka Deaf Woman's Courtship       Played By Emmett Lundy, Kirk Sutphin & The Hollow
Dugler With A Shoofly On       Played By Howard Forrester
Durham's Reel       Played By Buddy Durham, Lymon Enloe, Stuart Willia
Dusty Miller       Played By Joe Greene, Bill Christopherson
Earl Eddy's Favorite       Played By Vic Kibler
Early In The Evening       Played By Vivian Williams
Ebenezer       Played By Bill Christopherson & Alan Kaufman
Echoes Of The Ozarks       Played By Clyde Davenport
Eddie's Reel       Played By Donna Hebert
Eighth Of January       Played By Tommy Jackson, Ted Gossett
Elzic's Farewell       Played By French Carpenter & Wilson Douglas, Matt
Everyone To The Puncheon       Played By Clark Kessinger
Falls Of Richmond       Played By Ruthie Dornfield
Fannie Hill       Played By John Patterson
Farewell Mary Ann, Aka Old Voile       Frank Miller With The Blue Ridge Mountaineers
Fat Meat And Dumplings, Aka Knocking On The Door       Played By Art Galbraith
Fever In The South       Played By Vee Latty
Fiddler's Choice       Played By Alan Block
Fiddler's Dream       Played By Arthur Smith, Anne Ferguson
Fine Times At Our House       Played By John Summers & Hugh Farr, Gerry Milnes
Fire On The Mountain       Played By The Canebrake Rattlers, Sam Connor
Fireman's Reel       Played By Ron West
First Century Reel       Played By Don Wheeler
Fishin' Time       Played By Nat'l Barn Dance Orchestra
Five Leaf Clover, Aka The Hunter's Purse       Played By Matt Glaser
Five Miles To Town       Played By Clyde Davenport
Flat Footed Henry      
Flatwoods       Played By Emmett Lundy, Clyde Davenport
Flop Eared Mule, Aka Peach Tree Limb       Played By Clark Kessinger
Flower Of The Morning       Played By Ed Haley
Flowers Of Edinburgh       Played By Art Stamper
Flying Cloud Cotillion       Played By Gray Craig
Flying Indian       Played By Danny Gardella
Folding Down The Sheets, Aka Republican Spirit       Played By Alan Jabbour W/The Hollow Rock String Ba
Forked Deer, Aka Bragg's Retreat, Van Buren, Forke      
Fort Smith Breakdown       Played By Chuck Silberstein
Fortune       Played By Ottis Burris
Four And Twenty Blackbirds Dancing On A Fawn Skin       Played By Harvey Taylor
Four Cent Cotton       Played By Lowe Stokes
Frankie       Played By Buddy Thomas
Frisky Jim      
Gallopede, Aka Yarmouth Reel      
Garfield       Played By Bruce Greene
Gaspe' Reel       Played By Pete Sutherland
Gate To Go Through       Played By Andy Palmer
Gatineau Reel       Played By Don Roy
Geese Honking       Played By James Bryan With Bob Carlin
George Booker       Played By Alan Bock & Ace Sewell
Georgia Railroad       Played By Alan Block
Georgia Wildcat Breakdown       Played By Clayton Mcmichen W/The Georgia Wildcats
Get Up John       Played By Charlie Cline, Kenny Baker And Red Hayes
Gippy Get Your Hair Cut, Aka Tippy/Johnny/Hippie G       Played By Clark Kessinger
Give The Fiddler A Dram, Aka Dance All Night W/A B       Played By Clark Kessinger, Gaither Carlton, Peter
Going Back To Kentucky       Played By J.P. Fraley
Going Down The River       Played By J.P. Fraley
Going To Boston       Played By Vivian Williams
Golden Slippers      
Golden Wedding Reel, Aka Richibucto Reel       Played By Ruthie Dornfield
Gone Indian       Played By Bob Wills
Good Indian       Played By Tom Carter & Tom Sauber
Goodbye Girls I'm Going To Boston       Played By Art Stamper
Goodbye Liza Jane       Played By Bobby Hicks
Grand Picnic       Played By Joe Politte
Grandpa's Reel       Played By Vic Kibler
Granny Will Your Dog Bite?, Aka Old Mother Gofour,       Played By Bob Walters
Grasshopper Sitting On A Sweet Potato Vine       Played By Greg Canote
Greasy Coat       Played By Ruthie Dornfeld
Greasy String, Aka Bring Back My Old Coon Dog       Played By Lotus Dickey
Great Big Taters In Sandy Land       Played By Bob Wills, Eck Robertson
Great North Reel, Aka Irish American Reel      
Green Fields Of America       Played By April Limber, Lotus Dickey
Green Mountain Petronella       Played By Rodney Miller
Green Willis, Aka The Raw Recruit & Chapel Hill Se       Played By Danny Gardella
Greenback Dollar       Played By John Hartford
Greenback Dolly-O       Played By Melvin Wine
Grey Eagle       Played By Jeff Goehring W/The Red Mules, Ruthie Do
Growling Old Man And Woman       Played By Kenny Baker
Grub Springs       Played By Alan Bock, John Hatcher
Hamilton Iron Works       Played By John Hartford
Hangman's Reel       Played By Tim O'brien
Hawk Got The Chicken       Played By Eck Robertson
Hell Agin The Barn Door       Played By Joe Politte, Goeff Seitz W/The Ill-Mo Bo
Hell Among The Yearlings, Aka Trouble Among..., ..       Played By Clark Kessinger & Mark O'connor
Hell Broke Loose In Georgia       Played By Ruthie Dornfield
Hell In The Mud       Played By Cyril Stinnett
Hell Up Coal Holler       Played By Armin Barnett
Here And There       Played By Tommy Jackson
Here Comes Jack With A Fiddle On His Back       Played By Bruce Greene
Herringbrook Reel       Played By Tom Doucet & Don Roy
Hickman County, Aka Hoedown In Hickman County       Played By Paul Warren
High Dad In The Morning       Played By Kenny Baker
High Yellow       Played By Woody Woodring
Highlander's Farewell       Played By Ruthie Dornfield
Hodi Cake       Played By Owen Chapman
Hoe The Corn Moses, Moses Hoe Your Corn, Razors In       Played By Paul Elliott
Hog Eye       Played By Tony Marcus
Hollow Poplar       Played By Marion Summer
Homesteader's Reel       Played By Ron West
Hopping John       Played By Bill Hensley
Hopping Rabbit       Played By Brian Hubbard
Hull's Victory       Played By L.O. Weeks
Hummingbird Reel, Aka Chasing The Devil Around A S       Played By Bartow Riley
Humpback Mule       Played By Lynn Smith
Humphrey's Jig, Aka Doctor Humphrey's Jig       Played By John Hartford
Hunky Dory       Played By Frankie Mcwhorter
Ida Red       Played By Bob Wills & Sleepy Johnson, Tweedy Broth
Indian Creek       Played By Arthur Smith
Indian Killed A Woodcock       Played By Kenny Baker
Indian Nation       Played By Owen Chapman, Bruce Molsky
Irish Cobbler       Played By Cyril Stinnett
Jack Danielson's Reel       Played By Bob Walters
Jack Of Diamonds, Aka Wake Up Susan, Fort Worth       Played By Cyril Stinnett & Benny Thomasson, Hugh F
Jack Wilson       Played By Bruce Greene
Jake Gillie       Played By Sam Mcneil
Jawbones       Played By Alann Jabbour W/The Hollow Rock String B
Jaybird       Played By Kenny Kosek & Pete Sutherland
Jaybird Died With The Whooping Cough       Played By John Ashby
Jean Latippe       Played By Vivian Williams
Jeff Davis       Played By Blaine Smith
Jefferson City       Played By Greg Canote
Jenny Baker, Aka Boys Of Bluehill, Beaux Of Oak Hi       Played By Pat Conte
Jenny Lind, Aka Jenny Lynn       Played By Kenny Baker
Jenny On The Railroad       Played By Carter Brothers
Jenny Run Away In The Mud       Played By Peter Honig
Jimmy In The Swamp       Played By Bob Walters
Jimmy Johnson       Played By Glen Smith
Jimmy Sutton       Played Judy Hyman
Joe Wingerter's Tune       Played By Lynn Smith
John Brown's Dream       Played By Kevin Wimmer
John Robinson       Played By Bruce Greene
John Sharp's Tune       Played By Pete Sutherland
John's Lover Is Gone, Aka Poor Johnny's Gone To Wa       Billy Altizer W/The Roanoake Jugband & Jack Link
Johnny Come Along       Played By Clyde Davenport
Johnny Cope       Played By Joe Herrmann W/The Critton Hollow String
Johnny The Blacksmith       Played By Kenny Baker
Johnson Gal       Played By Wil Gilmer W/The Leake County Revelers
Josh And I       Played By Clark Kessinger
Joys Of Quebec       Played By Pete Sutherland
Julian Johnson       Played By Ted Erhard W/Footloose
Julianne Flanigan       Played By James Bryan
Jump In The Well, Pretty Little Miss       Played By Geoff Seitz W/The Ill-Mo Boys
Jump Jim Crow       Played By Melvin Wine
June Apple      
Kansas City Reel      
Katy Did       Played By Lowe Stokes
Katy Hill       Played By Kenny Baker, Joe Greene, Manco Snead
Kaw River       Played By Tim O'brien
King County Breakdown       Played By Stuart Williams
Kingsbury Reel       Bill Christopherson
Kitchen Girl      
Kitty Puss       Played By Charlie Acuff
Kitty's Wedding, Aka Mrs. Smith's Reel       Played By William Franklin George
Knoxville Rag       Played By Frank Reed
Ladies In The Ballroom       Played By Clyde Davenport
Ladies On A Steamboat       Played By Leonard Rutherford
Lady Of The Lake       Played By Art Stamper, Bill Christopherson, P. Sut
Lady Walpole's Reel       Played By Rodney Miller
Lady's Waist Ribbon, Aka Waist Ribbon       Played By Armin Barnett
Lantern In The Ditch       Played By Cyril Stinnett
Last Days In Georgia       Played By Melvin Robinette
Last Of Sizemore       Played By Bruce Greene W/Jim Taylor
Laughing Boy       Played By Kenny Baker
Laughing Chinaman       Played By Armin Barnett
Lay Your Good Money Down, Aka Good Money       Art Galbraith
Lazy Kate       Played By Becky Miller, Wil Gilmer W/The Leake Cnt
Leather Britches, Aka Lord Macdonald's Reel, Old L       Wil Gilmer W/The Leake Cnty Revelers
Lebanon       Played By James Bryan
Lee's March       Played By Vivian Williams
Liberty, Aka Tipsy Parson, Liberty Off The Corn Li       Played By John Ashby
Lightening In The East       Played By Kerry Blech
Liquor Seller       Played By Roscoe Parish
Little Betty Brown       Played By Clark Kessinger
Little Boy, Where'd You Get Your Britches?       Played By Clyde Davenport
Little Brown Jug       Played By Brian Hubbard
Little Dutch Girl       Played By Pete Sutherland With Tom Mackenzie
Little Joe       Played By Benny Thomasson
Little Liza Jane       Played By Bob Wills, J.P. Fraley
Little Rabbit, Aka Rabbit Where's Your Mammy      
Little Whiskey       Played By Geoff Seitz W/The Ill-Mo Boys
Liza Jane       Played By Carter Brothers, Clyde Davenport
Liza Rose       Played By David Cahn (Rodney Miller & Mel Marshall
Log Cabin       Played By Gretchen And Rebecca Kohler
Log Chain       Played By Jeff Goehring W/The Red Mules
Logger's Breakdown, Aka Corn On The Cob       Played By Vivian Williams
Long Fork Of Buckthorn       Played By Art Stamper
Long John       Played By Bob Walters
Lost Indian       Played By Ken Kosek
Lucky Trapper's Reel      
Lumberjack       Played By Stuart Williams
Mabel Henry's Fling       Played By Jehile Kirkhuff
Maggie Grey       Played By Kerry Blech
Magnolia One Step       Played By W.T. Namour
Mahoney's Reel       Played By Cyril Stinnett
Make A Little Boat       Played By Kenny Baker
Martha Campbell       Played By Doc Roberts, Orville Burns
Massa Bill, Aka Never Get Your Money Back, Mossy B      
Mcmichen's Reel, Aka Hog Trough Reel       Played By Doc Roberts
Melinda, Aka Old Melinda       Lyman Enloe & Bob Walters
Merriweather       Played By Bruce Greene
Methodist Preacher       Played By Kenny Baker
Miller's Reel      
Miss Brown       Played By Carter Brothers
Miss Brown's Reel       Played By New Hampshire Fiddler's Union
Miss Thompson's Reel       Played By Becky Miller
Mississippi Echoes       Played By W.E. Ray W/The Ray Brothers
Mississippi Sawyer       Played By Emmett Lundy
Missouri Mud, Aka Stuck In The Mud       Played By Bob Walters
Molly Put The Kettle On, Aka Jenny Put The Kettle       Played By Emmet Lundy & Joe Politte
Money Musk       Played By Alan Bock & Ron West, Rodney Miller, Joe
Monkey In The Dog Cart       Played By Wil Gilmer W/The Leake County Revelers
Morpeth Rant       Played By Alan Block
Mother Flanagan       Played By Kenton Sears
Mother's Reel       Played By Paul Elliot
Motleigh       Played By Pete Sutherland
Mountain Road       Played By Anne Ferguson
Mud Fence       Played By J.P. Fraley
Muddy Roads       Played By Ken Kosek
Muddy Weather       Played By Armin Barnett
Mutt And Jeff       Played By Owen Chapman
My Brother's Letter       Played By Sarah Michaels
Nancy Ann       Played By Ted Erhard W/Footloose
Nancy Dalton       Played By Pat Kingery
Nancy Rowland, Aka Little Nancy Rowland       Played By Carter Brothers, Howard Forrester
Natchez       Played By Pete Sutherland
Natchez Under The Hill       Played By John Hartford, Bob Walters
Negro Suppertime       Played By Armin Barnett
New Broom       Played By Dick Barrett
New Five Cents       Played By Paul Warren
New Money       Played By Doc Roberts
Nine Miles Out Of Louisville       Played By Buddy Thomas
No Corn On Tygart       Played By John Summers
North Carolina Breakdown       Played Judy Hyman
Off She Goes       Played By James Bryan
Oklahoma       Played By Frank Reed
Old Aunt Adkins       Played By Owen Chapman
Old Bell Cow       Played By Pete Sutherland, Matt Glaser
Old Buzzard       Played By Doc Roberts, Roscoe Parrish
Old Coon Dog       Played By Vivian Williams
Old Flanagan       Played By Frank Miller W/The Blue Ridge Mountainee
Old French, Aka Rambler's Hornpipe       Played By Ken Kosek
Old Grey Cat       Played By Ruthie Dornfeld
Old Jake Gillie       Played By Clark Kessinger
Old Jaw Bone       Played By Carter Brothers
Old Joe       Played By Oscar Stone W/Dr. H. Bates & His Possum
Old Joe Clark       Played By Judy Hyman
Old Mother Flanagan       Played By Danny Gardella
Old Mother Mccarthy       Played By Cyril Stinnett
Old Rock Road       Played By Joe Politte
Old Sage Fields       Played By Greg Canote
Old Sledge      
Old Sport, Aka Callahan, Last Of Callahan       Played By Albert Hash, John Hartford
Old Torn Petticoat       Played By Doug Phillips
Old Yeller Dog, Aka Old Grey Mare, Old Blind Dog       Played By Charlie Acuff
Old Zip Coon       Played By William Franklin George
Opera Reel       Played By John Summers, Grant Lamb & Ruthie Dornfi
Over The Waterfall      
Pacific Slope Reel       Played By Ken Kosek
Paddy O'meaghan's Reel       Played By John Summers
Paddy On The Handcar       Played By Stuart Williams & Wes Brown
Paddy On The Pike       Played By Wilson Douglas
Paddy On The Railroad, Aka Eminence Breakdown       Played By Alan Bock
Paddy On The Turnpike       Played By Clark Kessinger
Paddy Won't You Drink Some Cider       Played By Harvey Taylor
Padgett       Played By Cyril Stinett
Pat 'Em On The Back       Played By Owen Chapman
Pat The Budgie       Played By Becky Tracy
Pateroller       Played By Pete Sutherland
Paul Young       Played By Kerry Blech
Peaches And Cream, Aka Peaches And Honey       Played By Benny Thomasson & Pete Martin
Peas In The Pot, Aka Piece In The Pot, Peas In The       Played By Clyde Davenport
Pegleg       Played By Lotus Dickey
Peter Francisco      
Petronella       Played By Rodney Miller
Picnic       Played By Winston Fitzgerald
Piedmont       Played By Art Galbraith
Pigeon On The Gate Post       Played By Greg Canote
Pike's Peak, Aka Prosperity Special, Rat Cheese Un       Played By Bob Wills & Ted Sharp
Piney Woods       Played By Art Stamper
Pineywoods Gal       Played By Judy Hyman W/The Horseflies
Played By Robertson County       Charlie Arrington W/Paul Warmack & His Gully Jumpe
Po' Black Sheep       Played By Frank Patterson
Polly Put The Kettle On, Aka Polly's Mountain Kett       Played By Marcus Martin, Byard Ray
Portland Fancy Reel       Played By New Hampshire Fiddler's Union
Possum On A Rail       Played By John Holloway W/The Mississippi Possum H
Possum Trot       Played By Bill Shelor
Possum Up A Gum Stump       Played By Howard Forrester, Joe Hermann W/Critton
Possum Up A Simmon Tree       Played By Buddy Thomas
Prairie Dog       Played By Lynn Smith
Pretty Betty's Reel       Played By Stuart Williams & Don Gish
Pretty Little Girl       Played By Benton Flippen
Pretty Little Girl With The Blue Dress On, Aka Bil       Played By John Summers
Pretty Little Widow       Played By John Ashby
Puncheon Camps       Played By Clyde Davenport
Puncheon Floor       Played By Hardy Sharp
Puncheon On The Floor       Played By Esker Hutchins
Quarter Deck       Played By Ron West
Quince Dillon's High D      
Rabbit In The Woodpile       Played By Lynn Smith
Rabbit Where's Your Mammy       Played By Stuart Williams, Jimmy Don Bates, K. Kar
Rachel       Played By J.T. Perkins
Railroad Through The Rocky Mountain       Played By Jim Bowles
Rattlesnake       Played By Larry Shumway
Rattlesnake Bit The Baby, Aka Take Me Back To Geor      
Rattling Down The Acorns       Played By Clyde Davenport
Raven's Gap       Played By Charlie Acuff
Rebel's Road       Played By W.M. Stepp
Red Haired Boy, Aka Red Haired Irishman, Gilderoy,       Played By J.P. Fraley
Red River Jig       Played By Stuart Williams
Redbird       Played By Byron Berline, Clark Kessinger
Return From India       Played By Winston Fitzgerald
Rich Mountain       Played By Bill Shelor W/The Shelor Family
Richmond Cotillion, Aka Hanging Around The Kitchen      
Rio Grande       Played By Brad Leftwich
Road To Boston       Played By Rodney Miller
Road To Jenkins       Played By Joe Greene
Robinson County       Played By Ted Sharp
Rochester Schottische, Aka Patrick County Blues       Played By Becky Miller
Rock Jenny Rock       Played By Red Herron
Rock The Cradle Joe       Played By Babe Spengler
Rocky Mountain       Played By Marcus Martin
Rocky Pallet, Aka Peas & Cornbread, Rocky Palace       Played By The Skillet Lickers & Manco Snead
Rocky Road To Dublin       Played By Casey Jones
Roscoe       Played By Greg Canote
Rosebud Reel       Played Becky Miller
Roses In The Morning       Played By Clyde Davenport
Ross' Reel No. 1       Played By Donna Hebert
Ross' Reel No. 4      
Roving Piper       Played By John Johnson
Run Johnny Run       Played By Tommy Jackson
Run Rabbit Run       Played By Pete Sutherland
Rye Straw, Aka Dog In The Rye Straw, Joke On The P       Played By Howard Forrester, Clayton Mcmichen, Ruth
Rymer's Favorite       Played By Allen Sisson
Saddle Up The Grey       Played By Mike Seegar & Tracy Schwarz W/The New Lo
Sail Away Ladies       Played By Bunt Stephens, J.P. Fraley
Sailors Set On Shore       Played By New Hampshire Fiddler's Union
Saint Anne's Reel      
Sal Won't You Marry Me       Played By Pete Sutherland
Sally Ann       Played By James Chancellor, John Ashby
Sally Ann Johnson       Played By Ray Bierl
Sally Coming Through The Rye       Played By Kerry Blech
Sally Goodin       Played By Marcus Martin, Major Franklin, Clyde Dav
Sally In The Garden       Played By Stuart Williams & Earl Willis
Sally Johnson       Played By Herman Johnson, Kenner Kartchner
Sally Put A Bug On Me       Played By Stuart Williams
Salt River, Aka Salt Creek       Played By Kenny Baker & Benny Thomasson, Armin Bar
Same Time Today As Yesterday       Played By Sarah Hiebert W/The Moving Cloud Orchest
Sandra's Reel       Played By Don Woodcock
Sandy Mcintyre's Trip To Boston       Played By Tim Woodbridge
Sandy River Belle       Played By Buddy Pendleton
Saro, Aka Julie Girl, Cow In The Cabbage Patch       Played By Dudley Spangler
Saturday Night Breakdown       Played By Wil Gilmer W/The Leake County Revellers
Scolding Wife       Played By Kerry Blech
Scott's Number One       Played By Bill Driver
Shaker Ben       Played By Draper Walter & Mel Marshall
Shaking Down The Acorns, Aka Rattling Down       Played By Danny Gardella
Sheep Shell Corn By The Rattling Of His Horn       Played By Walt Koken & Bob Potts W/The Highwoods S
Sheeps And Hogs Walking Through The Pasture       Played By Buddy Thomas
Shelburne Reel       Played By Ben Guillemette
Shelby Rock       Played By Kenny Baker
Shelvin Rock       Played By Armin Bennet, Wilson Douglas
Shenandoah Falls       Played By Pete Sutherland
Ship In The Clouds       Played By Joe Herrmann W/The Critton Hollow String
Shipping Port       Played By Jimmy Johnson String Band & James Bryan
Shoo Fly       Played By Clark Kessinger
Shoot The Turkey Buzzard       Played By Vivian Williams
Shoot Two Bits       Played By Bob Walters
Shooting Creek       Played By Danny Gardella
Short's Addition       Played By Buddy Thomas
Shortening Bread       Played By Gary Lee Moore, James Bryan
Shove That Pig's Foot A Little Farther In The Fire       Played By Armin Barnett & Greg Canote
Shuffle About, Aka Shuffling Back       Played By Pete Sutherland, Ruthie Dornfield
Silver Naiil       Played By Bob Larkin
Single Footing Horse       Played By Tim O'brien
Skunk In The Collard Patch       Greg Canote
Sleepy Eyed Joe, Aka Sleepy Joe       Played By Lyman Enloe, John Ashby
Smith's Reel      
Smoke Above The Clouds, Aka Smoke Over The Clouds       Played By Jes Moore
Snakewinder       Played By Greg Canote
Snowbird On The Ashbank, Aka Georgia Snowbird       Played By John Hartford
Snowflake Reel      
Snowshoer's Reel       Played By Don Commo
Snowshoes       Played By Cecil Johnson & John Ashby
Soapsuds Over The Fence       Played By James Bryan, Jimmy Wheeler
Soldier's Joy       Played By Richard Greene W/Bill Monroe & The Blue
Soppin' The Gravy       Played By Art Stamper, Bob Wills
Sourwood Mountain       Played By William Franklin George
Speed The Plow       Played By Kelly Jones
Spotted Pony       Played By Pete Mcmahan
Spring In The Valley       Played By Barbara Collins
Springfield Gal       Played By Greg Canote
Star Of Bethlehem       Played By James Bryan
Steamboat Around The Bend       Played By James Bryan
Stoney Fork       Played By Paul Warren
Streak O' Lean, Streak O' Fat       Played By A.A. Gray
Stringtown       Played By John Hartford
Stuart Longbow       Played By Pete Sutherland
Stump Tail Dog       Played By Brian Hubbard
Stumptown Dolly, Aka Stump Tail Dolly       Played By Bruce Molsky
Stumptown Stomp       Played By Eck Robertson
Sugar Barrel       Played By Jeff Goehring W/The Red Mules
Sugar In The Gourd       Played By Earl Collins, Alan Bock
Sullivan's Hollow       Played By Leslie Freeny W/Freeny's Barn Dance Band
Sunnyside       Played By Vernon Solomon
Susannah Gal, Aka Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss      
Sweeping The Town       Played By Greg Canote
Sweet Bundy       Played By Lotus Dickey
Sweet Milk And Peaches       Played By W.T. Narmour
Sweets Of Weaver       Played By Kevin Kartchner
Swing Away       Played By George Wilson
Swing Nine Yards Of Calico       Played By J.P. Fraley
Swinging On A Gate       Played By April Limber
Tater Blossom       Played By Lynn Smith
Tater Patch       Played By Ruthie Dornfeld
Temperance Reel, Aka Devil In Georgia, Kingsport,       Played By Kenny Baker
Tennessee Breakdown       Played By Little City String Band
Tennessee Gal       Played By Ron Kane W/The Deseret String Band
Texas       Played By Ken Kosek
Texas Fair       Played By Kerry Blech
Texas Gals, Aka Texas Gales      
Texas Sandy Hill       Played By Stuart Williams
That's My Rabbit, My Dog Caught It       Played By Draper Walter
The Blue Goose       Played By Buddy Thomas, Bruce Greene
The Bumblebee In The Jug       Played By Joel Shimberg
The Flight Of The Wild Geese       Played By Byard Ray
The Fun's All Over       Played By J.P. Fraley, Bruce Molsky
The Girl I Left Behind, Aka Pretty Little Girl, Br       Played By William Garrett W/Hack's String Band
The Last Shot Got Him       Played By John Holloway W/The Mississippi Possum H
The Mouth Of Stinson       Played By Wilson Douglas
The New House Was Built, Aka Wes Muir's Tune       Played By Geoff Seitz W/The Ill-Mo Boys
The Old Blind Sow She Stole The Middlins       Played By John Summers
The Old Folks Played And The Young Folks Danced       Played By Bruce Greene
The Old Man And The Old Woman      
The Rags       Played By Ken Kosek
The Wild Shoat       Played By James Bryan
Third Of July       Played By Red Brush Rowdies
Three Bees In The Honey       Played By Andy Cahan
Three Forks Of Reedy       Played By John Johnson
Three Forks Of Sandy, Aka Forks Of Sandy, Roll Em       Played By Clark Kessinger
Three Thin Dimes       Played By Pete Sutherland W/The Arm & Hammer Strin
Threshing Tune       Played By Cyril Stinnett
Tight Line Fishing       Played By Brian Hubbard
Tilden       Hank Bradley (Ken Kosek)
Tom And Jerry       Played By Herman Johnson & Benny Thomasson, Claren
Tom Wagner       Played By Kenner Kartchner
Trude Evans       Played By Kenton Sears
Tucker's Barn       Played By Gaither Carlton
Tucker's Old Barn       Played By Armin Barnett
Tugboat       Played By Mark O'connor And Benny Thomasson
Turkey Buzzard       Played By Joe Greene
Turkey Gobbler       Played By Buddy Thomas
Turkey In The Pea Patch       Played By Ruthie Dornfeld
Turkey In The Straw      
Twenty Eighth Of January       Played By Armin Barnett
Twin Reel       Played By Bartow Riley
Twin Sisters       Played By William Marshall
Two O'clock       Played By Tommy Jackson
Uncle Henry's Reel       Played By Gerry Robichaud
Uncle Maurice's Tune No. 1       Played By Vic Kibler
Untitled Hoedown       Played By Stuart Williams & Earl Willis, Glenn Bar
Up Jumped The Deviil       Played By Tommy Jackson
Valley Forge       Played By Ruthie Dornfeld
Wagoner One Step       Played By Skip Gorman
Wagoner, Aka Jolly (Or Texas, Wild, Georgia) Wagon      
Wake Up Susan, Aka Belcher's Reel, Hop Up Susan, .       Played By Elmer Barton & Pete Sutherland
Waldo       Played By Lyman Enloe
Walk Along John 1       Played By Tony Thomas, Bruce Molsky W/Bob Carlin
Walk Along John 2       Played By Stuart Williams & Earl Willis
Walker Street       Played By Bill Christopherson
Walking In The Parlor       Played By Highwoods String Band & Wilson Douglas,
Waves On The Ocean, Aka Old Woman Old Woman, Pleas       Played By Emmett Lundy
Waynesboro Reel       Played By Bartow Riley
Ways Of The World       Played By Tony Marcus
West Fork Gals       Played By Danny Gardella, Wilson Douglas
Whalen's Breakdown       Played By Vivian Williams
Whiskey Before Breakfast       Played By Clem Myers, Dick Barrett
White Fish In The Rapids       Played By Wendy Kosocoff
White Folks Don't Treat Me Right       Played By Kenny Baker W/Bill Monroe & The Blue Gra
White River Bottoms       Played By Lotus Dickey
Whitesburg       Played By Evan Stover W/Fiddle Fever
Whoa Mule       Played By John Francis
Why Don't You Shovel?       Played By Lynn Smith
Wild Goose Chase       Played By Clyde Davenport
Wild Hog In The Woods       Played By Lonesome Luke & His Farmhands
Wild Horse, Aka Old Dad, Stony Point, Buck Creek G       Played By John Rector
Wild John       Played By Gary Lee Moore & Benny Thomasson
Wilson's Tune       Played By Vivian Williams
Wine's Delight       Played Judy Hyman
Wish I Had My Time Again       Played By Vertner Hatton
Witch Of The Wake       Played By Kelly Jones
Wolf Creek       Played By Judy Hyman
Wolves A-Howling       Played By John Hartford
Woodchopper's Reel, Aka Pea Soup       Played By Joe Pancerzewski
Yearlings In The Canebreak       Played By Kerry Blech
Yellow Barber, Aka Arthur Berry       Played By Greg Canote & Bo Bradham
Yellow Cat       Played By Judy Hyman W/The Horseflies, Tom Carter
Yellow Gals       Played By Pete Sutherland
Yellow Gals From The South       Played By John Ashby
Yellow Rose Of Texas       Played By Danny Gardella
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Author : by Dan Levenson
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