Canadian Fiddle Music Volume 1 (eBook)
Canadian fiddle music receives the credit and recognition it deserves in this lively collection of tunes from virtually every province and ethnic group in Canada. Originally published in 1990, this project is the result of generous donations by numerous fiddlers and fans of fiddle music. In addition to the preservation and popularization of this folk music form, the contributors shared these common goals in this endeavor: composer recognition, folk music revitalization in Canada and abroad, acknowledgement ...more
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Canadian fiddle music receives the credit and recognition it deserves in this lively collection of tunes from virtually every province and ethnic group in Canada. Originally published in 1990, this project is the result of generous donations by numerous fiddlers and fans of fiddle music. In addition to the preservation and popularization of this folk music form, the contributors shared these common goals in this endeavor: composer recognition, folk music revitalization in Canada and abroad, acknowledgement of the violin and its own origins in the development of fiddle music and its place in Canadian society, note reading and chording, and to pay tribute to many great fiddlers. This revised edition features contributions of 200 of the best tunes from the first printing as well as 200 new tunes. They consist of hornpipes, strathspeys, polkas, waltzes, calypsos, reels, clogs, two-steps, jigs, airs, breakdowns, schottishes, marches, rags, and laments. A bibliography and the background of each composer is included.
A Reel For Kate       David B. Greenberg
A Toast To Danny Sandy (Reel)       Kate Dunlay
Abbie Andrews Calypso       Ned Landry
Admiral's Hornpipe       Bill Andrews
Al Cherney Special       Ned Landry
Albertine's Waltz       Gene Laderoute
Alex Graham's Jig       Margaret Macphee
Alli's Waltz       Dave Hepworth
Alma Centennial Jig       Gordie Carnahan
An Air For Kate       David B. Greenberg
Anne Marie Waltz       Mark W. Moore
Armand's Jig       Marcel Meilleur
Armin's Reel       Earl Smith
Art Champion's Reel       Art Champion
Ault Island Clog       Roma Mcmillan
Autumn Leaves Waltz       John A. Mclellan
B's Waltz       Keith Ross
Baie Ste Anne Quadrille       Angus Robichaud
Bain's Jig       Kevin Kienlein
Bald Eagle Two-Step       Robert E. Joudrey
Banks Of Waugh       Lawrence A. Buckler
Big Ben Waltz Clog       Gerry Smith
Bill Dundon's Jig       Keith Malcolm
Blackie's Jig       Denis Brisson
Blanche's Reel       Myllie Barron
Blue Sea Waltz       Bobby Lalonde
Bobby Brown's Jig       Jack Hayes
Bobcaygeon Swing       Oliver Schroer
Bonaparte Crossing His Eyes       Paul Gitlitz
Bow And Arrow Two-Step       Robert E. Joudrey
Brandon's Centennial Waltz       Earl Smith
Brendan's Bow (Ree)       David B. Greenberg
Brogan's Cove Jig       Mac Brogan
Cacomistle Polka       Paul Gitlitz
Cajun Fiddlin' On The Bayou       Ned Landry
Cajun Rag       Kevin Kienlein
Campsite Jig       Max Sexsmtih
Canada Council Jig       Roma Mcmillan
Canadian Constitution Reel       Roma Mcmillan
Cape John Waltz       Lloyd Tattrie
Captain Cole's Waltz       Dan Rubin
Carl's Homecoming       Lawrence A. Buckler
Carl's Waltz       Carl Plohman
Carm Oliver's Jig       Jack Hayes
Carnival Waltz (Embrum Carnival Waltz)       Denis Brisson
Carolyn's Jig       Keith Malcolm
Carolyn's Waltz       Keith Malcolm
Centennial Highway Reel       Rufus Guinchard
Centennial Rose Waltz       Gerald Bailey
Centerville Stomp       Kevin Kienlein
Chanya's Waltz       Clayton Magee
Charlene's Jig       Hector Mackenzie
Charlie Milne's Waltz       Charlie Milne
Cheryl Susan's Waltz       Graham Townsend
Cheslatta Lake Rag       Max Sexsmith
Children's Waltz       Brian Herbert
Christine (Mcccann) Gautier Jig       Wilf Gillis
Colonel By Waltz       Roma Mcmillan
Complainer's Reel       Clayton Magee
Compliments To My Dad       Brenda Stubbert
Cortez Island Hornpipe       Keith Malcolm
Cy's Favorite       Cy Lovell
Cyprus Winds       Kevin Kienlein
Dad's Day '87 (Rag)       David B. Greenberg; Chords By Larry Hamberlin
Dan R.'S Favourite Strathspey       D.A. Beaton
Dancing In The Moors (Jig)       Kevin Kienlein
Danny Macdonald Of Hamilton's Reel       Kinnon Beaton
Debbie's Waltz       Graham Townsend
Dominion Day Jig       Kevin Kienlein
Donna's Waltz       Lawrence A. Buckler
Doris' Waltz       Yvon Cuillerier
Doug Macphee's Clog       D.A. Beaton
Doug's Jig       Margaret Macphee
Duke Nielson Memorial Waltz       Billy Macinnis
Dungannon Sweetheart       Graham Townsend
Durelle's Victory Breakdown       Angus Robichaud
East Point Jig       Matilda Murdoch
Echoes Of Pembroke       Bill Meeks
Ed Whitcomb's Hornpipe       Wilf Gillis
Edna's Waltz       Denis Brisson
Eggs On The Couch       Paul Gitlitz
Elmsdale Waltz       John A. Mclellan
Elmwood Waltz       Harold E. Langille
Emery's Breakdown       Denis Encontre
Emma Lake Polka       John Arcand And Calvin Vollrath
Ernie's Special Jig       Ernie Joyce
Essie's Ragtime Swing       Earl Smith
Eva's Waltz       Patti Kusturok
Evening Star Waltz       Matilda Murdoch
Expo '86 Jig       Yvon Cuillerier
Expo Reel       Natalie Macmaster
Farewell To Alan (The Camel) Karmazyn       Paul Gitlitz
Fergus Rag       Gerald Hamilton
Festival Du Voyageur Reel       Marcel Meilleur
Fiddle Boogie       Kevin Kienlein
Fiddlers Rag       Kevin Kienlein
Fiddlin' Farmer's Hoedown       George Hruska
Finlay's Cheer       David B. Greenberg And Kate Dunlay
Fleagh Bat Beag       David B. Greenberg
Fleming's Jig       Ron Gain
Florence's Fiddle       Lawrence A. Buckler
Flying Home To Shelley       Paul Gitlitz
Forget Me Not       Don Pettigrew
Foxey Donna       Reg. Bouvette
Francis Xavier Kennedy Macdonald (Jig)       David B. Greenberg
Francis' Favorite       Lawrence A. Buckler
Frank Kelly's Jig       Eleanor Townsend
Fred And Wilma's Polka       John Arcand
G Minor Jig       Gerald Bailey
Garry's Breakdown       Garry Lepine
Gemma's Jig       Dan Maccormack
Gene's Waltz       Gerald Bailey
Gene's Waltz       Gene Laderoute
Gentle Annie's Irish Stew       Wilf Gillis
George Mckenny's Favorite       Denis Lanctot
Gerald's Waltz       Gerald Bailey
Glenda's Reel       Carl Elliott
Glengarry's Home To Me       Carol (Kennedy) Dawson
Gold Fiddle Waltz       Frank Rodgers
Golden Jubilee Schottische       Abbie Andrews
Grandpa's Jig       Crystal Plohman
Gray's Second Change       Graham Townsend
Grey Owl Reel       John Arcand
Guy's Special       Marcel Meilleur
Hand Gliders' Reel       Lorimer M. Higgins
Happy Birthdau Waltz       Dave Bagnell
Happy Carolyn       Gerald Hamilton
Happy Go Lucky Boy Waltz       Mel Bedard
Happy Time       Ned Landry
Happy Time Fiddler       Kevin Davidson
Harvey Lovie's Waltz       Chuck Joyce
Haymakers       Cy Lovell
Heidi's Waltz       Art Champion
Helen's Special       Gene Laderoute
Highland View Hornpipe       Keith Rose
Holiday Polka       Kevin Kienlein
Hometown Waltz       Marcel Meilleur
Honda Breakdown (Reel)       David B. Greenberg
Horner's Trophy Reel       Harold Wright
Howie Getson's Breakdown       Clayton Magee
I Live Alone       Marcel Meilleur
In Step With Harvey (Strathspey)       David B. Greenberg
Indian Lake Reel       Harold E. Langille
Irish Fancy Clog       Ron Gain
J.B. Jig       Lawrence A. Buckler
Jacinta's Jig       Hector Mackenzie
Jack's Waltz       Jack Mctavish
Jacqueline's Jig       Margaret Macphee
Jacquot's Clog       Marcel Meilleur
Janet's Clog       Matilda Murdoch
Jeanette (Macdonald) Beaton's Jig       Margaret Macphee
Jerry Holland (Reel)       David B. Greenberg
Jesse's Jig       Jesse Wardle
Jim Delaney's Hornpipe       Lloyd Tattrie
Joey's Jig       Jesse Wardle
John A. Mclellan's Hornpipe       Lloyd Tattrie
John Stovin's Waltz       Gene Laderoute
Josie Macarthur's Jig       Margaret Macphee
Joyal's Two-Step       Denis Brisson
Jungle Jane's Jig       Kelli Trottier
K-Country       George Hruska
Kari's Jig       Oliver Schroer
Kate's Waltz       Keith Malcolm
Kathy's Fraser's Jig       Jack Hayes
Kathy's Waltz       Dave Hepworth
Kent County Jig       Angus Robichaud
Knitters' Waltz       Bruce Armitage
Lac La Biche Breakdown       John Arcand
Lahave River Jig       Donald Whynot
Lake Peter Jig       Harold E. Langille
Lanbtom County Hornpipe       Chuck Joyce
Last Minute Breakdown       Denis Encontre
Launchie Stubbert's Jig       Brenda Stubbert
Laying The Tile       Earl Smith
Leila's Waltz       Don Pettigrew
Lemonville       Jack Hayes
Leningrad Lament       Bill Guest
Leonard's Waltz       Beth Fenton
Lil's Favorite Reel       Garry Lepine
Linda Marie Waltz       Gerry Smith
Lissie's Jig       David B. Greenberg
Little Andrea's Tune       Bill Guest
Little Joey Gillis' March       Kinnon Beaton
Little Neil's Clog       Crystal Plohman
Lord Alexander's Reel       Abbie Andrews
Lorimer' Waltz       Lorimer M. Higgins
Loujo Waltz       Webb Acheson
Love On Samhain       Paul Gitlitz
M & N Jig       Norman Truman
Mac Brogan's Breakdown       Mac Brogan
Macdonald's Waltz       Lloyd Tattrie
Macphee Hospitality (Strathspey)       Kate Dunlay
Maggie Ann's Reel       Kinnon Beaton
Man O'war Breakdown       Todd Thompson
Man With Two Tarps       Mel Bedard
Marcel's Waltz       Marcel Meilleur
Marg's Jig       Matilda Murdoch
Margaret Jean's Lament       Bill Guest
Margaret Macphee's Jig       Margaret Macphee
Margaret Nixon's Waltz       Don Pettigrew
Marie's Waltz       Jesse Wardle
Martin Lepine's Waltz       Gene Laderoute
Maytime Swing       Graham Townsend
Medric Mcdoughall's Instruments Change Jig       John Arcand
Meilleur Reel       Marcel Meilleur
Mel Fulford's Breakdown       Cye Steele
Melancholy Meadows       George Hruska
Memories Of Donald Angus Beaton Jig       Elizabeth Beaton
Memories Of Joe Confiant March       Brenda Stubbert
Mike And Marlene's Reel       Natalie Macmaster
Millie's Waltz       Oliver Schroer
Misty       Webb Acheson
Misty's Reel       Crystal Plohman
Montreal Jig       Yvon Cuillerier
Moonlight Waltz       Matilda Murdoch
Mose's Waltz       Marcel Meilleur
Mother's Day Jig       Kinnon Beaton
Mothr Vera's Reel       Lawrence A. Buckler
Mountain View Jig       Gerald Bailey
Mrs. Norah Coakley       Jack Hayes
Murray River Jig       Graham Townsend
Mush-A-Mush Lake Breakdown       Donald Whynot
Myllie's Own Jig       Myllie Barron
Nancy Reetta Waltz       Lorimer M. Higgins
Nancy's Waltzes       Bill Guest
New Fiddle Reel       Cy Lovell
Nor's Jig       Jesse Wardle
Norm Burgess Breakdown       Ned Landry
North King Street Hornpipe       Donald Whynot
Northern Light Waltz       Matilda Murdoch
Note Of Woe       Lawrence A. Buckler
Nova Scotia Reel       Lorimer M. Higgins
Olive's Polka       Robert R. Scheller
One For Francis (Two-Step)       Matilda Murdoch
One For The Record       Natalie Macmaster
Onslow Jig       Bruce Armitage
Ottawa Girls' Jig       Roma Mcmillan
Our Last Waltz       Ron Gain
Owen's Clog       Matilda Murdoch
Pat's Two-Step       John Arcand
Patti Fiddles The Blues       Ken Davidson
Patti's Reel       Dave Hepworth
Patti's Reel       Patti Kusturok
Patty's Journey Home       Paul Gitlitz
Pelican Waltz       Bill Guest
Peter's Jig       Kelli Trottier
Pizza Polka       Lawrence A. Buckler
Port Of Halifax       Roddy Dorman
Pricin' The Blues       Kevin Kienlein
Prince George Breakdown       Max Sexsmith
Purple Violet Waltz       Ivan Hicks
Quadrille Thomas       Adelard Thomassin
Raemona       Brian Herbert
Rail Roader's Breakdown       Donald Whynot
Ralph And Norma Porter's Waltz       Bil Macinnis
Ranger's Hornpipe       Bob Ranger
Red River Brigade       Marcel Meilleur
Reed Des Bois Brules       Marcel Meilleur
Regina Stubbert's Jig       Brenda Stubbert
Richmorra       Jack Hayes
Rick Hansen Two Step       Kevin Kienlein
Ritchie Street       Oliver Schroer
Riverside Waltz       Don Pettigrew
Robert's Favorite Schottische       Robert R. Scheller
Rocks On The Lawn       Ian Hamilton
Ron Noiles Waltz       Ken Davidson
Roy Acuff Special       Ned Landry
Roy And Nancy's Two-Step       Bill Guest
Royal Wedding Jig       Brian Herbert
Rum Runners' Two-Step       Robert E. Joudrey
Salmon Creek Jig       Todd Thompson
Sam's Suger Bush Jig       Gerry Smith
San's Polka       Jesse Wardle
Sandy Cameron's Hornpipe       John Arcand
Schryer's Breakdown       Louis Schryer
Semiwagon Breakdown       Matilda Murdoch
Shades Of Dawn       Brian Herbert
Shady Nook Jig       Brian Herbert
Sheguiandah Bay       Don Pettigrew
Shelley's Waltzes       Bill Guest
Shirley's Polka       Carl Plohman
Sir Galahad's Scart (Kitty In A Snit)       Paul Gitlitz
Skip's Jig       Kimblerly J. Isenor
Smitty's Clog       Earl Smith
Soaring Eagle Hornpipe       John Arcand
Springtime In Manitoba       Duncan Emerson
Squaw Lake Jig       Ian Hamilton
Stompin' Tom Connors       Ned Landry
Sunset On The Ottawa       Brian Herbert
Sweet Sixteen Waltz       Kelli Trottier
Swingin' Jim Johnson's Birthday Blues (Rag)       David B. Greenberg; Chords By Larry Hamberlin
Taky's Tune       Ken Davidson
Tea Darlin'       Paul Gitlitz
Terry's Jig       Mark W. Moore
Texas Lake Jig       Harold E. Langille
The Aloutte River Jig       Hugo W. Oberg
The Antler River Waltz       Norman Cheyne
The Ashton Tose       Leo Browne
The Barclay House Breakdown       Windston Simpson
The Bare Feet Reel       Natalie Macmaster
The Beaver Creek Jig       Harold Wright
The Belmont Centennial Breakdown       Gordie Carnahan
The Bill Guest Waltz       Carl Elliott
The Blue Hills Waltz       Gene Laderoute
The Blue Lakes Waltz       Cam Chernecki
The Blue Taurus Waltz       Harold Wright
The Boyne River Reel       Winston Simpson
The Calgary Fiddlers Waltz       Ned Landry
The Campbellini's Waltz       Keith Malcolm
The Carman Waltz       Winston Simpson
The Cowtown Jig       Gordie Carnahan
The Crazy Fiddler's Breakdown       Robert E. Joudrey
The Crystal Cuty Breakdown       Bill Delorme
The Dagenais Special       Gordie Carnahan
The Draggers Reel       Eddy Arsenault
The Duke Nielson Jig       Bill Macinnis, Jr.
The Dusty Waltz       Cam Chernecki
The Fifty-Five Mile Jig       Dan Rubin
The Five Arch Bridge       Gordie Carnahan
The Graham Creek Waltz       Norman Cheyne
The Greenwood Waltz       Cam Chernecki
The Halifax County Hornpipe       Norman Tulley
The Haney Old Time Fiddlers Waltz       Hugo W. Oberg
The Haunted Fiddle       Kevin Davidson
The House In The Meadow (Air)       Dan Rubin
The Hughie & Allan Reel       Kinnon Beaton
The Hula Hoop Waltz       Robert E. Joudrey
The Island Ferry       Lionel Poirier
The Lanark County Waltz       Gordie Carnahan
The Light Amber Jig       Bill Meeks
The Little Red Schoolhouse Jig       Robert E. Joudrey
The Longford Breakdown       Bill Meeks
The Macgregor Waltz       Bob Emerson
The Mayfield Waltz       Dave Hepworth
The Mctavish Waltz       Jack Mctavish
The Meadowlark Waltz       Gordie Carnahan
The Melita Waltz       Art Champion
The Merry Miss Mary D. (Strathspey)       David B. Greenberg
The Miami Breakdown       Windston Simpson
The Mink Lake Two-Step       Webb Acheson
The Nation River Waltz       Denis Brisson
The One That Got Away       Keith Malcolm
The Parkland Breakdown       Gene Laderoute
The Pleasant Valley Jig       Ivan Fisher
The Polar Bear Express       Earl Smith
The Rainbow Jig       Robert E. Joudrey
The Retired Railroader's Waltz       Earl Smith
The Royal Canadian Legion Waltz       Cye Steele
The Rusty Nail       Norman Truman
The Seaweed Reel (Wandering Traveller)       Ervan Sonier
The Selkirk Centennial Waltz       Reg Bouvette
The Solar Eclipse       Gene Laderoute
The Sourisford Jig       Art Champion
The Springbrook Jig       Norman Cheyne
The Spruce Woods Jig       Carl Plohman
The St. Rose Hornpipe       Gene Laderoute
The Three Roses Two-Step       Jesse Wardle
The Three Sisters Polka       Gordie Carnahan
The Thresherman's Waltz       Duncan Emerson
The Tiger Hills Polka       Carl Plohman
The Toaster In The Closet       Oliver Schroer
The Twenty Dollar View       Gordie Carnahan
The Val-J-S Jig       Gerald Bailey
The Waltz Of The Prairies       Jesse Wardle
The Wanderer's Reel       Harold Wright
The Welder's Jig       Bob Ranger
The Williamson Lake Waltz       Gordie Carnahan
The Wobbly Goose       Abbie Andrews
Thirteenth Of January       Bill Guest
Thomas Graham Stewart       Paul Gitlitz
Tidal Bore Waltz       Lorimer M. Higgins
Tip O' The Hat       Lawrence A. Buckler
Todd's Island Breakdown       Jimmie Chapman
Togo Farewell (Slow Waltz)       David B. Greenberg
Tracey Reginas: March       Brenda Stubbert
Tracey's Jig       Lorimer M. Higgins
Tracey's Reel       Clayton Magee
Trail Blazers Two-Step       Graham Townsend
Traveller's Jig       John Arcand
Traveller's Reel       Rufus Guinchard
Upper Canada Jig       Roma Mcmillan
Valley Breakdown       Cy Lovell
Valleyfield Clog       Claude Jacob
Variations On A Classical Theme       Lawrence A. Buckler
Walter Ostanek's Polka       Ned Landry
Waltz For Mary Ann       Harold E. Langille
Waltz For Ward Allen       Ken Davidson
Waltz Of The Bells       Eleanor Townsend
Waltzing Around The Pumpkins       Robert E. Joudrey
Waltzing In The Garden       Ned Landry
Waltzing With Someone       Kevin Kienlein
War Bonnet Reel       Marcel Meilleur
Wardle's Scottische       Jessie Wardle
Waterfall Waltz       Roddy Dorman
Wendy's Breakdown       Garry Lepine
Wendy's Lament (Slow Strathspey)       David B. Greenberg
Whirlygig Reel       Bill Guest
Wilbert Stubbert's Jig       Brenda Stubbert
Wilfred Bishop's Breakdown       Mac Brogan
Wilhelmine's Rose       Don Pettigrew
Willie Fraser's Strathspey       D.A. Beaton
Yvette's Favorite Breakdown       Denis Encontre
Zelia Waltz       Marcel Meilleur
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