Guitar Methods 7447
Fingerpicking 13449
Flamenco 13441
Flatpicking 13443
Latin 13452
Resonator 13445
Rock & Blues 13446
Slide/Bottleneck 13448
Guitar: Fingerpicking 7472
Method 13293
Solos 13294
Tunebook 13295
Guitar: Flatpicking 7422
Method 13366
Solos 13367
Tunebook 13368
Guitar: Latin 7512
Method 13402
Solo 13403
Guitar: Resonator 7432
Method 13400
Solos 13414
Tunebook 13415
Chord 13074
Method 13075
Solos 13076
Tunebooks 13077
Banjo: 5-String 7330
Chord 12923
Method 12924
Solos and Duets 12925
Tunebook 12926
Banjo: Clawhammer 7337
Chord 12936
Method 12937
Solos and Duets 12938
Tunebook 12939
Banjo:Tenor 7340
Chord 12941
Method 12942
Solos and Duets 12943
Tunebook 12944
Dulcimer: Hammered 7371
Chord 12994
Method 12995
Solos 12996
Dulcimer: Mountain 7375
Chord 12998
Method 12999
Solos 13000
Harmonica: Chromatic 7516
Blues Harp 13082
Method 13062
Solos 13063
Harmonica: Diatonic 7517
Blues Harp 7518
Method 13065
Solos 13066
Tunebooks 13067
Method 13124
Organ 13123
Solos 13125
Songbooks 13126
Method 13143
Solos 13144
Tunebooks 13145
Accordion 7308
Concertina 7311
Melodeon 12914
Piano Accordion 7309
Bassoon 7352
Cello 7353
Duet/Ensemble 12952
Method 12953
Solos 12954
Tunebook 12955
Clarinet 7361
Method 12957
Solos and Duets 12958
Tunebook 12959
Flute, Fife and Oboe 7395
Fife 13034
Method 13028
Oboe 13035
Solos 13029
Tunebook 13030
French Horn 7405
Other String Acoustic 7561
Bajo Sexto 7562
Balalaika 14116
Bowed Psaltery 7567
Chapman Stick 14117
Charango 7563
Guitarron 7564
Lute 7565
Oud 7566
Sitar 7568
Tres 7569
Vihuela 7570
String Bass 7592
Tin Whistle 7596
Duets 13162
Method 13163
Solos 13164
Tunebooks 13165
Viola 7611
Method 13195
Solos 13196
Tunebooks 13197
Violin 7612
Method 13201
Solos 13202
Tunebooks 13203

Mel Bay eBook FAQ


eBook FAQ


Q. What Format are your eBooks?

A. eBooks purchased on are PDF format


Q. What devices can I use to read my PDF eBook?

A. Most Computers, Tablets, Smartphones and e-Readers (some devices may require a pdf reader such as “adobe acrobat reader” to be installed first)


Q. can I print my PDF eBook?

A. Yes, if your device is connected to a printer.


Q. Does my eBook come with additional media?

A. If it does it will be indicated on the cover and on the title page (the first page after the cover) of your eBook


Q. How do I access the additional media that comes with my eBook?

A. Follow the instructions below:


How to – Online Media


To retrieve your Online Media (online audio, online video, online PDF supplement)


Step 1: open your book or eBook to the title page (The first page after the cover)


Step 2: locate the URL that looks like this (xxxxx refers to or is in place of the code printed on your book or eBook title page.)


(If you are using a mobile device, install a free app like iZip, from your device’s app store, before proceeding so that your mobile device can recognize the download)


Step 3: Enter that URL into the address bar of your internet browser (Indicated by the arrow in image below). The address bar is the space at the top of your browser page that shows the name of the website you are on.  Do not use a search, such as google or the search bar on

Step 4: On the page that the URL has directed you to, click the red “Download Extras” button. For video, The YouTube URL will take you to a page where it will begin playing automatically. The other video URL will take you to a page where you can download the video using the blue link. (Please note: downloading the video takes longer and uses up storage space on your device) 

(If you are using a mobile device it may look like nothing is happening, but it is downloading. When the download finishes, an “Open In” button will appear. Click the “Open In” button to open and save the download on your device)