Guitar Methods 7447
Fingerpicking 13449
Flamenco 13441
Flatpicking 13443
French Language 14357
Latin 13452
Resonator 13445
Rock & Blues 13446
Slide/Bottleneck 13448
Spanish Language 14358
Guitar: Flatpicking 7422
German Language 14388
Method 13366
Solos 13367
Spanish Language 14354
Tunebook 13368
Guitar: Resonator 7432
Method 13400
Solos 13414
Tunebook 13415
Cello 7353
Duet/Ensemble 12952
Method 12953
Solos 12954
Tunebook 12955
Upright Bass 7610
Method 13190
Solos 13191
Tunebooks 13192
Viola 7611
Method 13195
Solos 13196
Tunebooks 13197
Violin 7612
French Language 14378
German Language 14409
Method 13201
Russian Language 14379
Solos 13202
Spanish Language 14380
Tunebooks 13203
Banjo: 5-String 7330
Chord 12923
Method 12924
Solos and Duets 12925
Tunebook 12926
Banjo: Clawhammer 7337
Chord 12936
Method 12937
Solos and Duets 12938
Tunebook 12939
Banjo: Plectrum 12946
Chord 12947
Solos 12948
Banjo:Tenor 7340
Chord 12941
Method 12942
Solos and Duets 12943
Tunebook 12944
Bassoon 7352
Clarinet 7361
Method 12957
Solos and Duets 12958
Tunebook 12959
Flute, Fife and Oboe 7395
Fife 13034
Method 13028
Oboe 13035
Solos 13029
Tunebook 13030
Saxophone 7585
German Laguage 14405
Method 13143
Solos 13144
Spanish Language 14369
Tunebooks 13145
Tin Whistle 7596
Duets 13162
Method 13163
Solos 13164
Tunebooks 13165
Ukulele: Baritone 11192
Chord 13239
Method 13240
Songbooks 13241
Chord 13074
Italian Language 14399
Method 13075
Solos and Duets 13076
Tunebooks 13077
Dulcimer: Hammered 7371
Chord 12994
Method 12995
Solos 12996
Dulcimer: Mountain 7375
Chord 12998
Method 12999
Solos 13000
Harmonica: Chromatic 7516
Blues Harp 13082
German Language 14394
Method 13062
Solos 13063
Spanish Language 14362
Harmonica: Diatonic 7517
Blues Harp 7518
French Language 14363
German Language 14395
Method 13065
Solos 13066
Spanish Language 14364
Tunebooks 13067
Concertina 7311
French Language 14344
German Language 14381
Melodeon 12914
Piano Accordion 7309
Russian Language 14345
Spanish Language 14346
Bajo Sexto 7562
Balalaika 14116
Chapman Stick 14117
Charango 7563
Guitarron 7564
Kantele 67539
Lute 7565
Oud 7566
Sitar 7568
Spanish Language 14400
Tres 7569
Vihuela 7570
French Horn 7405
Trombone 13178
Method 13180
Solos 13181
Tunebooks 13182
Trumpet and Bugle 12599
French Language 14373
Method 13185
Solos 13186
Spanish Language 14374
Tunebooks 13187
Accordion 14165
Acoustic-Other 14166
Autoharp 14211
Banjo 5-String 14212
Banjo Clawhammer 14213
Banjo Tenor 14214
Cello 14215
Clarinet 14216
Electric Bass 14221
Fiddle 14222
Guitar 14224
Harp 14227
Mandolin 14229
Percussion Hand 14230
Recorder 14231
Sazophone 14233
Songbooks 14232
Tinwhistle 14234
Trombone 14235
Trumpet/Bugle 14236
Tunebooks 14238
Ukuele Baritone 14239
Ukuele Soprano 14240
Upright Bass 14241
Viola 14242
Violin 14243
Voice 14244
Voice 9612
Method 13250
Songbooks 13251
Spanish Language 14411
Accordion 13298
Autoharp 13300
Banjo 13301
Cello 13302
Clarinet 13303
Dulcimer 13304
Electric Bass 13305
Fiddle 13306
Flute 13307
French Language 14375
German Language 14408
Guitar 13308
Harmonica 13309
Harp 13310
Mandolin 13312
Piano/Keyboard 13311
Russian Language 14376
Saxophone 13314
Spanish Language 14377
Trombone 13315
Trumpet/Bugle 13316
Ukulele 13317
Upright Bass 13318
Viola 13319
Violin 13320
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by Rob MacKillop
This book is devoted to playing the soprano, concert, or tenor ukulele tuned in perfect fifths as used by the string and mandolin families of instruments, as well as the cittern and tenor banjo. The book’s scores are all in tablature; you’ll have no trouble adapting to the tuning and playing in the book’s various styles.The 55 pieces in Play Ukulele in 5ths Tuning progress from simple to advanced and can be played fingerstyle or with a pick. To help you com...
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FORMAT : eBook + Online Audio
taught by Fred Sokolow
Playing the blues helps you lose the blues! The blues is's a language...and in this 80-minute lesson, Fred shows you how to speak that language and ad-lib solos and accompaniment, whether you play solo or with other people. You'll learn to play in any key, all over the fretboard, with special attention to six keys: F, C, G, D, A and E. In each key, you'll learn:• The first position chords you need to play a 12-bar and 8-bar blues,• Boogie li...
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UPC: 796279114615
by John Miller
The musical appeal of the Blues, as they began to be heard in the early twentieth century, was so infectious that musicians with open minds and ears were drawn to it as soon as they heard it. And that appeal crossed the racial and ethnic divides that characterized American society. So it was, that even before African American guitarists were recorded playing fingerstyle blues guitar, their white neighbors had already begun learning the music—listening to, watching, and imit...
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FORMAT : Book + Online Audio
by Phil Duncan
A masterful study of all aspects of harmonica performance, this text addresses various harmonica solo styles including: blues harp, power/rock harp, sacred music, jazz harp, and classical styles. This book also contains informative segments on chromatic harp, chord harmonica, and bass harmonica making it one of the most comprehensive volumes available for this instrument.
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FORMAT : eBook
taught by John Miller
Blind Lemon Jefferson was a trail blazer, both as a singer and guitarist, but also as a commercial phenomenon, for he was the first blues musician to establish the tremendous appeal that blues, as played and sung by rural African American folk, had for the record-buying public. It is no exaggeration to say that the sales of Lemon’s records paved the way for a host of other solo rural blues musicians to record in his wake and made the record companies more willing to give ot...
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FORMAT : Book + Online Audio
by Jan Mohr and Robert Klein
For many guitarists open tunings are a source of inspiration and an expansion of their creative possibilities. From Open D to fourth tunings - this book presents over 20 of the most common open tunings. Voice diagrams, chords and scales for each tuning allow immediate use in practice. The appendix also contains a transposition table, a chord symbol overview, the basic chords in standard tuning and a chord scale table.
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by Jan Mohr and Robert Klein
For many guitarists open tunings are a source of inspiration and an expansion of their creative possibilities. From Open D to fourth tunings - this book presents over 20 of the most common open tunings. Voice diagrams, chords and scales for each tuning allow immediate use in practice. The appendix also contains a transposition table, a chord symbol overview, the basic chords in standard tuning and a chord scale table.
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FORMAT : eBook
taught by Stefan Grossman
As part of Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop Audio Series this comprehensive and thorough collection of fingerpicking guitar lessons contains invaluable tips and instruction implemented throughout the arrangements in this book. The online audio provides 3 full hours of note-by-note, phrase-by-phrase instruction. Lesson One: Altered tuning (Open D). Songs: 'Avalon Blues', Sliding Delta', 'If You Don't Want Me', and 'Payday'. Lesson Two: Songs include: 'Coffee Blues', Monday ...
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FORMAT : Book + Online Audio
transcribed by Ernie Hawkins
Rev. Gary Davis is the real thing. The authentic blind-seer. He is a genius with a brightly burning spirit, enormous musical intelligence, technical brilliance, an encyclopedic memory, driving passion, deep faith, a raunchy and gracious sense of humor. A mystic. He is an icon of the style of guitar he was born into, known today as the Piedmont blues. Through players of the first half of the twentieth century like Alfred Shultz, Mose Ranger, Merle Travis, and Chet Atkins, th...
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FORMAT : Book + Online Audio
by John Miller
Perhaps more than any other state, Mississippi has long been linked with the blues, so much so that Alan Lomax referred to it as The Land Where the Blues Began. From the earliest days of recorded blues, and even before that, Mississippi has always abounded with great fingerstyle blues guitarists. So it was that Mississippi fingerstyle blues guitar was the obvious choice for author John Miller’s next book, following up on his earlier releases, East Coast Fingerstyle...
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FORMAT : Book + Online Audio
by Ben Gateno
To master a language, you need to find someone that speaks it well and have them demonstrate some phrases. You need to listen closely and strive to match not just the pronunciation, but the accent and cadence as well. Before you can freely express yourself, you need to copy what they say in order to build a toolbox of vocabulary and syntax that you can draw upon in order to say what you want to say. Music is no exception. The eight transcriptions included in this c...
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FORMAT : Book + Online Audio/Video
by William Beauvais
The blues present an opportunity to be deeply expressive. Every note can be colored with pitch bends, slides, vibrato, and all manner of attacks. The style makes it easy to own the music, to close your eyes and play as if you wrote it. These pieces are designed to be fun and entertaining as they work through the sharp keys, which are most friendly to the guitar. By working through these keys however, they develop a player's awareness of the different tonalities and the way patterns may be altered to facilit...
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FORMAT : Book + Online Audio
by Fred Sokolow
Starting from ground zero, Fred Sokolow teaches you how to accompany yourself while singing the blues. You'll learn to play melodies and solo in several keys, throughout the neck. This book will help build the foundation for your understanding of blues guitar techniques and styles for both acoustic and electric guitar. Addresses the simple blues form in E,G, and C, gradually expanding on concepts. Includes simple first position blues scales needed for soloing (both fingerpicking and flatpicking) in the keys...
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FORMAT : Book + Online Audio
compiled by Stefan Grossman; transcribed by Tom Feldmann
For more than a century, blues guitarists have been pressing bottlenecks, bones, and metal to strings to create exhilarating melodies, propulsive chords and, in their best moments, feelings too deep for words. This collection gathers transcriptions of 27 groundbreaking bottleneck guitar gems from the 1920s through the 1960s. From the beginning, bottleneck guitar and the blues have traveled side by side. In the earliest known description of a blues performer, W.C. Handy recounted seeing someone pl...
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FORMAT : Book + Online Audio
taught by Woody Mann
Lonnie Johnson blended blues and jazz styles, performing with blues shouters like Bessie Smith and Texas Alexander on one hand, and Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington on the other. Now learn essential exercises and tips as they are presented in this compilation of tunes by this legendary musician. As part of Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop Audio Series not only does this book contain valuable lessons, but as an added bonus, online audio recording containing three full hours of instruction featuring note-b...
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FORMAT : Book + Online Audio
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