Guitar Methods 7447
Fingerpicking 13449
Flamenco 13441
Flatpicking 13443
French Language 14357
Latin 13452
Resonator 13445
Rock & Blues 13446
Slide/Bottleneck 13448
Spanish Language 14358
Guitar: Flatpicking 7422
German Language 14388
Method 13366
Solos 13367
Spanish Language 14354
Tunebook 13368
Guitar: Resonator 7432
Method 13400
Solos 13414
Tunebook 13415
Cello 7353
Duet/Ensemble 12952
Method 12953
Solos 12954
Tunebook 12955
Upright Bass 7610
Method 13190
Solos 13191
Tunebooks 13192
Viola 7611
Method 13195
Solos 13196
Tunebooks 13197
Violin 7612
French Language 14378
German Language 14409
Method 13201
Russian Language 14379
Solos 13202
Spanish Language 14380
Tunebooks 13203
Banjo: 5-String 7330
Chord 12923
Method 12924
Solos and Duets 12925
Tunebook 12926
Banjo: Clawhammer 7337
Chord 12936
Method 12937
Solos and Duets 12938
Tunebook 12939
Banjo: Plectrum 12946
Chord 12947
Solos 12948
Banjo:Tenor 7340
Chord 12941
Method 12942
Solos and Duets 12943
Tunebook 12944
Bassoon 7352
Clarinet 7361
Method 12957
Solos and Duets 12958
Tunebook 12959
Flute, Fife and Oboe 7395
Fife 13034
Method 13028
Oboe 13035
Solos 13029
Tunebook 13030
Saxophone 7585
German Laguage 14405
Method 13143
Solos 13144
Spanish Language 14369
Tunebooks 13145
Tin Whistle 7596
Duets 13162
Method 13163
Solos 13164
Tunebooks 13165
Ukulele: Baritone 11192
Chord 13239
Method 13240
Songbooks 13241
Chord 13074
Italian Language 14399
Method 13075
Solos and Duets 13076
Tunebooks 13077
Dulcimer: Hammered 7371
Chord 12994
Method 12995
Solos 12996
Dulcimer: Mountain 7375
Chord 12998
Method 12999
Solos 13000
Harmonica: Chromatic 7516
Blues Harp 13082
German Language 14394
Method 13062
Solos 13063
Spanish Language 14362
Harmonica: Diatonic 7517
Blues Harp 7518
French Language 14363
German Language 14395
Method 13065
Solos 13066
Spanish Language 14364
Tunebooks 13067
Concertina 7311
French Language 14344
German Language 14381
Melodeon 12914
Piano Accordion 7309
Russian Language 14345
Spanish Language 14346
Bajo Sexto 7562
Balalaika 14116
Bowed Psaltery 7567
Chapman Stick 14117
Charango 7563
Guitarron 7564
Lute 7565
Oud 7566
Sitar 7568
Spanish Language 14400
Tres 7569
Vihuela 7570
French Horn 7405
Trombone 13178
Method 13180
Solos 13181
Tunebooks 13182
Trumpet and Bugle 12599
French Language 14373
Method 13185
Solos 13186
Spanish Language 14374
Tunebooks 13187
Accordion 14165
Acoustic-Other 14166
Autoharp 14211
Banjo 5-String 14212
Banjo Clawhammer 14213
Banjo Tenor 14214
Cello 14215
Clarinet 14216
Electric Bass 14221
Fiddle 14222
Guitar 14224
Harp 14227
Mandolin 14229
Percussion Hand 14230
Recorder 14231
Sazophone 14233
Songbooks 14232
Tinwhistle 14234
Trombone 14235
Trumpet/Bugle 14236
Tunebooks 14238
Ukuele Baritone 14239
Ukuele Soprano 14240
Upright Bass 14241
Viola 14242
Violin 14243
Voice 14244
Voice 9612
Method 13250
Songbooks 13251
Spanish Language 14411
Accordion 13298
Autoharp 13300
Banjo 13301
Cello 13302
Clarinet 13303
Dulcimer 13304
Electric Bass 13305
Fiddle 13306
Flute 13307
French Language 14375
German Language 14408
Guitar 13308
Harmonica 13309
Harp 13310
Mandolin 13312
Piano/Keyboard 13311
Russian Language 14376
Saxophone 13314
Spanish Language 14377
Trombone 13315
Trumpet/Bugle 13316
Ukulele 13317
Upright Bass 13318
Viola 13319
Violin 13320
All Styles
American Music 7626
Baltic Region 7628
Baroque 7629
Bluegrass 7630
Blues 7631
Brazilian 7632
British 7633
Cajun / Zydeco 7634
Canadian 7635
Celtic / Irish 7636
Classical 7638
Contemporary 7640
Country 7901
Ethnic 66480
European 7643
Flamenco 7645
Folk 7646
Gospel/Sacred 7651
Gypsy 7652
Hawaiian 7655
Holiday: Other 7657
Jazz 7660
Latin American 7663
Liturgical 7665
Native American 7669
Old Time 7671
Pop 7672
Ragtime 7673
Reggae 7674
Rock 7675
Romantic Period 14476
Scottish 7677
Swing 7680
Wedding 14300
Western 7682
World Music 7681
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by Al Petteway
Master guitarist Al Petteway ventures into new territory with 15 Celtic-inspired, traditional, and New Age fingerstyle compositions in standard and alternate tunings. Derived from Al’s award-winning solo recording of the same title, each piece bears the inimitable Petteway signature of profoundly graceful, inspired innovation. Written in standard notation and tab with several pieces in alternate tunings. Al began his professional music career at the age of 11. He played gui...
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FORMAT : eBook
by Kevin Allison
Anyone who is serious about learning Irish traditional music will eventually come across O'Neill's Music of Ireland, a collection of well over 1000 tunes. This book contains a selection of one hundred tunes from this collection, arranged into sets for fiddle which can be used at sessions, and for dancing. The book includes hints, tips and comments for playing the tunes and some of the tunes also have alternative melodies and harmonies for added variety and interest. At the ...
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FORMAT : eBook
by Peter Washburne
Explore the fretboard and engage your creativity in playing the most awesome musical instrument— the electric bass! Extreme Bass Grooves reflects the author’s ability to create inspired, rhythmic electric bass compositions that can be played solo or with an ensemble, virtually inviting another instrumentalist to improvise over the bass and percussion lines. Each groove features unique fingering concepts and techni...
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FORMAT : eBook + Online Audio
by Al Petteway
Whispering Stones won the award for “Best Recording” from the Washington Area Music Association and has continued to be a favorite with fans of fingerstyle guitar music throughout the world. The book features Celtic-inspired original and traditional tunes performed on solo acoustic guitar with the occasional addition of flute, mandolin, cello, piano, or bells. The tunes appear in the same order as in the recording. Al Petteway is an award-winning fingerstyle guitar...
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FORMAT : eBook
by Pablo Pescatore
The Complete Book of Shred Guitar focuses on the technical aspects of playing the electric guitar in the shred style. As the guitar plays such an important role in metal, neoclassical and hard rock, much is demanded of lead guitarists. Having precise and effective technique is paramount, and usually the result of disciplined practice and critical listening over a period of years. With this method, however, you will achieve noticeable results within a relatively ...
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FORMAT : eBook + Online Audio
by Gail Smith

A truly fresh and exciting book of piano solos featuring authentic Native American melodies. The history of the American Indian is sometimes a sad drama, yet is filled with a wonder reflected in music. This book, the result of extensive research by the outstanding educator, composer and musicologist, Gail Smith, conveys music that is truly American. Easy to intermediate in difficulty. Includes access to online audio.
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FORMAT : eBook + Online Audio
by Oriol Saña and Lluís Gómez
The endlessly energetic duo of Oriol Saña and Lluís Gómez have created a charming and informative account of the musical phenomenon we call bluegrass. Originally a quirky supercharged folk music played by about ten people, bluegrass music, with its Mozart-like formality and ferocious rhythmic zest, now describes an extended international family of related string band styles. Master fiddler Oriol and bluegrass banjoist Lluí...
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FORMAT : eBook + Online Audio
by Richard L. Matteson, Jr.
Richard Matteson is an outstanding classic guitarist whose grandfather, Maurice, was a nationally acclaimed expert on American folk music. Richard spent many hours in his grandfather's extensive library and penned beautiful, reflective fingerstyle/classic guitar arrangements on 15 Appalachian ballads. In notation and tablature. Includes access to online audio recorded in stereo format featuring Richard Matteson playing all 15 solos. Level of difficulty - intermediate....
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FORMAT : eBook + Online Audio
by Douglas Back
These selections represent one of the first collections of traditional Jewish music for solo guitar. It includes arrangements appropriate for parties, weddings, recitals, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, B'rit Milah (Covenant of Circumcision), or just for personal enjoyment. These works range in difficulty from moderate to advanced. Fingerings are given along with correlating tablature to facilitate learning. An appendix is included with transliterated Hebrew or Yiddish words as well as chord symbols for accompaniment ...
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FORMAT : eBook + Online Audio
edited by Corey Christiansen
This book is packed with seventeen great fingerstyle arrangements of jazz standards. Each tune is presented in standard notation and tab for easy reading. These playable solos work great for fingerstyle players wanting to broaden their repertoire with jazz classics. Guitar solos include: All the Things You Are, Alone Together, Beautiful Love, A Day in the Life of a Fool (Manha de Carnaval), A Felicidade (Adieu Tristesse), Have You Met Miss Jones?, How High the Moon, I Could Write a Book, I Love You, I've Go...
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FORMAT : eBook
by Elias Barreiro
An outstanding collection of 33 classic guitar solos transcribed from piano works by Manuel Saumell, Ignacio Cervantes, and many others. Cuban song and dance rhythms have had a global impact. These arrangements capture the rhythms, styles, and moods of the Cuban contradanza, danza, vals, canción and criolla of the 19th to early 20th centuries. The available online audio features Segovia student and Tulane University professor Elias Barreiro performing his arrangements of th...
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FORMAT : Book + Online Audio
by Elias Barreiro
An outstanding collection of 33 classic guitar solos transcribed from piano works by Manuel Saumell, Ignacio Cervantes, and many others. Cuban song and dance rhythms have had a global impact. These arrangements capture the rhythms, styles, and moods of the Cuban contradanza, danza, vals, canción and criolla of the 19th to early 20th centuries. The available online audio features Segovia student and Tulane University professor Elias Barreiro performing his arrangements of th...
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FORMAT : eBook + Online Audio
by Corey Christiansen
This instructional video and chart present the basics of blues improvisation. Students will learn the essential scales and techniques needed and used by all of today's blues guitarists. Theoretical essentials such as the minor pentatonic and blues scales are covered, and the musical aspects of soloing, effective phrasing and the use of blues notes are taught in a relaxed but informative way. Includes access to online video.
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FORMAT : eChart + Online Video
by Lewis Pragasam
A step-by-step tutorial on the study of drumset grooves. The four basic rhythms and beats discussed are: Malay, Chinese, Indian and Sikh rhythms. Contains information on how to use the systems, notation for the various patterns and more. The online audio has all rhythms recorded to help the learning drummer. The beats are organized into groups of 10 variations per rhythm study for a total of 40 grooves arranged in sequence for the beginner/intermediate drum student. Includes access to online audio.
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FORMAT : eChart + Online Audio
by Danny Gottlieb
Designed to follow Jazz Drumset Basics, this second video by Grammy Award winning drummer Danny Gottlieb provides comprehensive exercises and examples, enabling the jazz drum student to progress to a higher performance level. Complete with exercise chart.  Includes access to online video.
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FORMAT : eChart + Online Video
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