Guitar: Classic Guitar and Lute 7412
Chamber Music 7418
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Solos/Studies 7416
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Guitar: Fingerpicking 7472
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Celtic 7482
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Other Styles 7480
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Traditional 7479
Guitar: Flamenco 7406
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Guitar: Latin 7512
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Dulcimer: Hammered 7371
Chord/Theory 7374
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Dulcimer: Mountain 7375
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Harmonica: Diatonic 7517
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French Horn 7405
Organ 7534
Other String Acoustic 7561
Bajo Sexto 7562
Bowed Psaltery 7567
Charango 7563
Guitarron 7564
Lute 7565
Oud 7566
Sitar 7568
Tres 7569
Vihuela 7570
String Bass 7592
Tinwhistle 7596
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Trumpet & Bugle 7345
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Methods 7346
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by Andy Ostwald
This comprehensive introduction to jazz, blues, and rock piano will offer easy-to-understand explanations of music theory, and guide you step by step as you develop your skills. Above all, Piano by Ear will help you to explore and develop your ability to improvise. Rather than focus on written notation, you'll learn to express yourself at the piano by relying on your ear and on your own creative instincts. Book One is designed for students who are brand-new to playing music by ear and improvising. O...
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FORMAT : Book + Online Audio
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by Frank Haunschild
The world tour through different styles continues in the second volume of this well-conceptualized training approach for bands. Great songs!
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PRODUCT ID: 610435
FORMAT : Book/CD Set
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by David Barrett and Steve Czarnecki
Blues Keyboard Method Level 2, within the School of the Bluesr Lesson Series, is an exciting journey into Blues piano and organ for the intermediate player. Book contains: music theory relative to the Blues; accompaniment playing; full-length study songs; right and left hand material for improvising; and Blues as it's played on the Hammond organ.This series is designed for students of other instruments to play together. If you have friends that play harmonica, guitar, bass or drums, tell them about this ser...
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FORMAT : Book/CD Set
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by Flavio Henrique Medeiros, Thiago Lyra & Carlos Almada
This book presents 12 piano solos based on two more Brazilian rhythms originated in Rio de Janeiro: the valsa and the marchinha (parts I and II of this piano series are on choro, samba and bossa nova).
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FORMAT : eBook
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by Flavio Henrique Medeirosm Thiago Lyra & Carlos Almada
This book presents twelve original compositions for piano solo encompassing three musical styles originated in the Brazilian Northeast: the xote, the baiao and the frevo.
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FORMAT : eBook
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by Ian Whitcomb and edited by Ronny Schiff
Presents authentic period music, ranging from classical to ragtime, as performed on the fateful voyage of the Titanic on April 14, 1912. Ian Whitcomb- one-time rock star, now a renowned music historian and a specialist in the performance of ragtime and Tin Pan Alley songs- assembled this outstanding collection of authentic music played aboard the Titanic. The book features historical essays and anecdotes, facsimiles of the original sheet music covers, and even photos of the members of the ship's orchestra....
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FORMAT : eBook
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by Ian Whitcomb
Following in the wake of his successful book and CD entitled The Titanic Songbook, Ian Whitcomb has compiled this collection of 20 music hall songs of the type that may have entertained the Titanic's steerage passengers on their fateful voyage of April, 1912. This book is sure to appeal to singers, pianist, and historians alike. It features historical essays and anecdotes plus period photographs, vintage sheet music covers, and a picture gallery entitled Idols of the Halls.
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FORMAT : eBook+Online Audio
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by Corey Christiansen and Per Danielsson
"Bill Evans (1929-1980) is one of the highest regarded jazz pianists in the history of jazz. His harmonic and rhythmic language in combination with superb taste and technical perfection places him in a category by himself. His style of harmonization and improvisation has been an inspiration to countless pianists as well as other instrumentalists in the field of jazz. This book of original musical studies and analyses by Corey Christiansen and Per Danielsson is designed to help you develop your own personal...
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FORMAT : eBook+Online Audio
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by Olexandr Moyerer
20 compositions for piano. In German and English.
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by Olexandr Moyerer
16 compositions for piano.
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PRODUCT ID: 626671
FORMAT : Compact Disc
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by Matthias Anton and Philipp Moehrke
"Annotated transcriptions of the songs from the ""Memories"" CD by Philipp Moehrke and Mathias Anton (www.antonmoehrke,de) which should appeal not only to lovers of Classical Music but also to Jazz aficionados. The two musicians find a seamless way of merging Pop, Classical Music and Jazz. Their high-quality arrangements feature a variety of atmospheric and memorable themes, all of which are continually developed and refined in this musical tete-o-tete. The general mood is one of dreamy tranquility, poig...
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by Willie Myette
This book was inspired by the need for catchy jazz repertoire suited for small hands while remaining fun and challenging for students of all ages. The pieces in this book provide students with fragmented ideas for use in later improvisational studies. The simple harmonic progressions of these pieces also lend themselves easily to transposition, an idea that most students are not exposed to in beginning studies. The accompanying CD demonstrates each piece. The pieces can be used with any methodology as a spr...
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FORMAT : eBook+Online Audio
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by Misha V. Stefanuk
Following the best-selling books, Jazz Piano Chords, Jazz Piano Scales and Jazz Piano for the Young Beginner, featured here are 12 pieces written in the styles of famous jazz pianists of the past. From Scott Joplin and Jelly Roll Morton to Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans, this collection is directed toward advanced level classical pianists who want to spice up their repertoire with the sound of Art Tatum or Erroll Garner without having to improvise. Every composition starts with a short biography of the feat...
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FORMAT : eBook+Online Audio
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by Paul T. Smith
These ten pieces cover most of the bases between Salsa and Bossa Nova. They use many idiomatic rhythm patterns and harmonies, and are designed to provide the intermediate pianist with exciting repertoire. The enclosed CD with piano recordings of every song in the book is a good reference guide for proper interpretation of the pieces.
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FORMAT : eBook+Online Audio
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by Nancy Simon
A collection of traditional Cajun tunes arranged for piano or keyboard. The songs all include basic staff notation in the keys of C, G, and F, which are the simplest keys for a beginning to intermediate piano student. The audio presents each song in the book, with an accompaniment that resembles the sounds of a Cajun band. The lively arrangements will help the student with melody and rhythm, as well as give the musician the confidence that comes from playing with a band. The tunes are performed at a slower ...
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FORMAT : eBook+Online Audio
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