Guitar Methods 7447
Fingerpicking 13449
Flamenco 13441
Flatpicking 13443
French Language 14357
Latin 13452
Resonator 13445
Rock & Blues 13446
Slide/Bottleneck 13448
Spanish Language 14358
Guitar: Flatpicking 7422
German Language 14388
Method 13366
Solos 13367
Spanish Language 14354
Tunebook 13368
Guitar: Resonator 7432
Method 13400
Solos 13414
Tunebook 13415
Cello 7353
Duet/Ensemble 12952
Method 12953
Solos 12954
Tunebook 12955
Upright Bass 7610
Method 13190
Solos 13191
Tunebooks 13192
Viola 7611
Method 13195
Solos 13196
Tunebooks 13197
Violin 7612
French Language 14378
German Language 14409
Method 13201
Russian Language 14379
Solos 13202
Spanish Language 14380
Tunebooks 13203
Banjo: 5-String 7330
Banjo Solos 67571
Chord 12923
Method 12924
Solos and Duets 12925
Tunebook 12926
Banjo: Clawhammer 7337
Chord 12936
Method 12937
Solos and Duets 12938
Tunebook 12939
Banjo: Plectrum 12946
Chord 12947
Solos 12948
Banjo:Tenor 7340
Chord 12941
Method 12942
Solos and Duets 12943
Tunebook 12944
Bassoon 7352
Clarinet 7361
Method 12957
Solos and Duets 12958
Tunebook 12959
Flute, Fife and Oboe 7395
Fife 13034
Method 13028
Oboe 13035
Solos 13029
Tunebook 13030
Saxophone 7585
German Laguage 14405
Method 13143
Solos 13144
Spanish Language 14369
Tunebooks 13145
Tin Whistle 7596
Duets 13162
Method 13163
Solos 13164
Tunebooks 13165
Ukulele: Baritone 11192
Chord 13239
Method 13240
Solos 67649
Songbooks 13241
Chord 13074
Italian Language 14399
Method 13075
Solos and Duets 13076
Tunebooks 13077
Dulcimer: Hammered 7371
Chord 12994
Method 12995
Solos 12996
Dulcimer: Mountain 7375
Chord 12998
Method 12999
Solos 13000
Harmonica: Chromatic 7516
Blues Harp 13082
German Language 14394
Method 13062
Solos 13063
Spanish Language 14362
Harmonica: Diatonic 7517
Blues Harp 7518
French Language 14363
German Language 14395
Method 13065
Solos 13066
Spanish Language 14364
Tunebooks 13067
Concertina 7311
French Language 14344
German Language 14381
Melodeon 12914
Piano Accordion 7309
Russian Language 14345
Spanish Language 14346
Bajo Sexto 7562
Balalaika 14116
Chapman Stick 14117
Charango 7563
Guitarron 7564
Kantele 67539
Lute 7565
Oud 7566
Sitar 7568
Spanish Language 14400
Tres 7569
Vihuela 7570
French Horn 7405
Trombone 13178
Method 13180
Solos 13181
Tunebooks 13182
Trumpet and Bugle 12599
French Language 14373
Method 13185
Solos 13186
Spanish Language 14374
Tunebooks 13187
Accordion 14165
Acoustic-Other 14166
Autoharp 14211
Banjo 5-String 14212
Banjo Clawhammer 14213
Banjo Tenor 14214
Cello 14215
Clarinet 14216
Electric Bass 14221
Fiddle 14222
Guitar 14224
Harp 14227
Mandolin 14229
Percussion Hand 14230
Recorder 14231
Sazophone 14233
Songbooks 14232
Tinwhistle 14234
Trombone 14235
Trumpet/Bugle 14236
Tunebooks 14238
Ukuele Baritone 14239
Ukuele Soprano 14240
Upright Bass 14241
Viola 14242
Violin 14243
Voice 14244
Voice 9612
Method 13250
Songbooks 13251
Spanish Language 14411
Accordion 13298
Autoharp 13300
Banjo 13301
Cello 13302
Clarinet 13303
Dulcimer 13304
Electric Bass 13305
Fiddle 13306
Flute 13307
French Language 14375
German Language 14408
Guitar 13308
Harmonica 13309
Harp 13310
Mandolin 13312
Piano/Keyboard 13311
Russian Language 14376
Saxophone 13314
Spanish Language 14377
Trombone 13315
Trumpet/Bugle 13316
Ukulele 13317
Upright Bass 13318
Viola 13319
Violin 13320

Create Your Own Custom Curriculum

Just select the book or books in a category to learn the instrument, the style and the way you want to learn!



Accordion Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

99927M First Lessons Accordion

96605M You Can Teach Yourself Accordion

95731 Easiest Accordion Book

93372 Fun with the Accordion

Accordion Comprehensive Study

93969M Deluxe Accordion Method

98105M Easy Accordion Solos

97343M Chord Melody Method for Accordion

99762 Master Accordion Scale Book

94050 Favorite Accordion Solos

22205 The Classical Tradition


Autoharp Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

30367BCD Dirt Simple Autoharp

93289 Fun with the Autoharp

99187M Autoharp Method - In Four Easy Steps

Autoharp Comprehensive Study

93657M Complete Method for Autoharp or Chromaharp

95529M Celtic Autoharp

95024M You Can Teach Yourself Autoharp

20050 A Treasury of Favorite Songs for Autoharp


Banjo for the Young Beginner

21068BCDEB Banjo for the Young Beginner

21502 Children's Banjo Chord Book

21248BCDEB Easiest Banjo Tunes for Children

21279 101 Three-Chord Children's Song for Guitar, Banjo and Uke

Bluegrass Banjo

Bluegrass Banjo Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

99799M First Lessons Banjo

94429M You Can Teach Yourself Banjo

94406 Easiest Banjo Book

Bluegrass Banjo Comprehensive Study

93345M Complete Bluegrass Banjo Method

20743M Banjo Picking

21549M School of Banjo: Bluegrass Melodic Style

93771M Back-up Banjo

20297 Banjo G Tuning Photo Chord Book

20850M Parking Lot Picker’s Songbook - Banjo

Clawhammer Banjo

Clawhammer Banjo Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

22258M First Lessons Clawhammer Banjo

20190M Clawhammer Banjo from Scratch

20297 Banjo G Tuning Photo Chord Book

99126BCD Buzzard Banjo - Clawhammer Style

Clawhammer Banjo Comprehensive Study

99246M Everything You Wanted to Know About Clawhammer Banjo

96660M Round Peak Style Clawhammer Banjo

30224M Old-Time Favorites for Clawhammer Banjo

20313M Old-Time Festival Tunes for Clawhammer Banjo

Concert Style/Classical Banjo

93238 Banjo Method

93267 Banjo Chords

21701 Scales and Arpeggios for Classical Banjo

22121 Bach for the Banjo

Minstrel Style/Folk Banjo

22257M First Lessons Folk Banjo

22127BCD 20 Pieces from Briggs Banjo Instructor

22172M Early American Classics for Banjo

Tenor Banjo

Tenor Banjo Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

21011M First Lessons Tenor Banjo

93259 Tenor Banjo Chords

93260 Fun with the Tenor Banjo

Tenor Banjo Comprehensive Study

93236 Complete Tenor Banjo Method

93327 Tenor Banjo Chord Encyclopedia

97057 Harry Reser Tenor Banjo Legend

93312 Riverboat Banjo for Tenor or Plectrum Banjo

Plectrum Banjo

93299 Banjo Chord Encyclopedia

93365 Ragtime Banjo For Tenor or Plectrum Banjo

93312 Riverboat Banjo for Tenor or Plectrum Banjo


Cello Comprehensive Study

21499M Modern Cello Method, Grade 1

99422M Easy Classics for Cello

20561 Cello Solo Pieces, Beginner Level

94599EB Technical Studies for Beginning Cello, Level 1

21876 The Art Of Scales

99640 Practice for Performance

96746 Progressive Scale Studies for Cello

Cello for Children

94599EB Cello Method

93482 Fun with the Cello

20451 Beginner Cello Theory for Children, Book One

94659 Easy Solos for Beginning Cello Level 1

97033M The Student Cellist: Bach

Cello Alternative Styles

20604M The American Fiddle Method, Volume 1 - Cello

99387M American Fiddle Tunes for Solo & Ensemble - Cello Bass

99638M Celtic Fiddle Tunes for Solo & Ensemble - Cello, Bass

21291 Castles, Kirks and Caves

20189M Jazz Cello Wizard Junior, Book 1

21022M Hymns & Gospel Tunes for Cello & Piano

22232 Scottish Melodies for Two Cellos


Celtic Harp Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

30218M First Lessons Folk Harp

99785 Fun with the Folk Harp

97748 Easy Celtic Harp Solos

21917EB Easy Scottish Harp Music

Celtic Harp Comprehensive Study

95109 Basic Harp for Beginners

95907M You Can Teach Yourself Lever Harp

95053 Exploring the Folk Harp

22199 Harp Song - The Golden Thread

97226M Kim Robertson - Treasures of the Celtic Harp

99262 Scottish Ballads and Aires Arranged for Celtic Harp

97281 Great French Composers for Folk Harp


Clarinet Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

30007M First Lessons Clarinet

20397 Clarinet Fingering and Scale Chart

21808 Beginning Clarinetist’s Songbook

Clarinet for the Young Beginner

93406 Clarinet Primer

93272 Fun with the Clarinet

93894 Clarinet Fingering Chart

22247 Favorite Student Clarinet Classics

Clarinet Comprehensive Study

93468 Clarinet Method

94835M Solo Pieces for the Beginning Clarinetist

96297M Easy Classics for Clarinet - With Piano Accompaniment

97190 Technical Development for the Clarinetist

98690 Tone, Technique & Staccato

98720 Upbeat Scales and Arpeggios

Clarinet Alternative Styles

99437 Klezmer Book

95302 Complete Jazz Clarinet Book

94207M Sacred Melodies for Clarinet Solo

99551EB Clarinet Solos on Balkan Folk Songs and Dances


Drum Set Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

99882M First Lessons Drumset

94494 Easiest Drum Set Book

21474 Drumset Setup Chart

94495M You Can Teach Yourself Drums

Drum Set for the Young Beginner

96753M Drum Lessons for Kids of All Ages

22022M Kid’s Rock Drum Method

93762BCDEB Drum Set Tunes Book

Drum Set Comprehensive Study

21517M Modern Drum Method Grade 1

95366M Complete Modern Drum Set

30085BCD Learn to Burn: Drum Set

30071 Killer Technique: Drum Set

20949EB The Drummer’s Workbook

20932BCDEB The Drum Set Smart Book

96938 Rhythm Aerobics

21109M Metric Modulations

21108DP Intro to Polyrhythms

22184 The Gears for Grooving on Drumset

Rock Drumming

93301M Drummer’s Cookbook

30003BCD 100 Legendary Rock Drum Fills

30002M 100 Legendary Modern Rock Drum Beats

30081BCD 100 Legendary Hip Hop Beats

20942EB Block Rockin’ Beats

99966M Fill Workbook

22157 The Complete Blues/Rock Drummer

93892M Funk Drumming

Jazz Drumming

93625 Studio - Jazz Drum Cookbook

21475M Inside the Big Band Drum Chart

97215M Jazz Time Part One - The Basics

20948BCDEB Essential Jazz Percussion

21357 Jazz Drum Set Independence

30214BCD Drum and Bass Synchronicity: The Ultimate Rhythm Section Workout


Electric Bass Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

99933M First Lessons Bass

94358M You Can Teach Yourself Electric Bass

93349 Fun with the Electric Bass

93458 Play Electric Bass from Chord Symbols

Electric Bass for the Young Beginner

21388BCD Electric Bass for the Young Beginner

94563SP Student Bass Method/Spanish Edition

Electric Bass Comprehensive Study

98515M Complete Electric Bass Method

96878BCDEB Mastering the Bass Book 1

99920M Bass Chord Picture Book

21273BCD Getting Into Slap Bass

95604 Bass Scales in Tablature

98920BCD Encyclopedia of Bass Riffs

20845M The Art of Solo Bass


Fiddle Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

94430M You Can Teach Yourself Fiddling

21381M Dirt Simple Fiddle

95602M Easiest Fiddling Book

21190M Fiddling Made Easy

Fiddle for Children

94817M Children’s Fiddling Method Volume 1

21247M Easiest Fiddle Tunes for Children

94386 Kidfiddle

97803M Children’s Graded Fiddle Solos Volume 1

Fiddle Comprehensive Study

93742M Deluxe Fiddling Method

93971M Advanced Fiddling

96995 The Craig Duncan Master Fiddle Solo Collection

94683 Fiddling Chord Book

30353 Fiddling Scale Chart

30354 Fiddle Arpeggio Chart

Bluegrass & Country Fiddling

21662M Parking Lot Picker’s Songbook - Fiddle Edition

94095M Top Fiddle Solos

98341M Famous Fiddlin’ Tunes

94711 The Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes Vol 1

Blues Fiddling

95159M Blues Fiddling Classics

Cajun Fiddling

95383M The Cajun Fiddle

99613 Beau Solo

21172DP Louisiana Creole Fiddle Method

Canadian Fiddling

20142M The American Fiddle Method - Canadian Fiddle Styles

98361 Canadian Fiddle Music Volume 1

21468 Cape Breton - Traditional Fiddle Sets with Guitar Tablature

95393M Fiddle Music of Prince Edward Island

Contest Fiddling

21400M Championship Contest Fiddling

98213M Anthology of Contest Fiddle Tunes

Irish Fiddling

95406M Complete Irish Fiddle Player

99402M Irish Fiddle Playing

20919M Irish Fiddle Solos

21442M Celtic Fiddling Made Easy

Old-Time Fiddling

21992M Old-Time Fiddle Style

21123M Ozarks Fiddle Music

20485M Old-Time Fiddle Round Peak Style

21023M Old-Time Festival Tunes For Fiddle & Mandolin

Scandanavian Fiddling

98271 Favorite Swedish Fiddling Tunes

Scottish Fiddling

99268 Scottish Fiddle Encyclopedia

21525M The Glengarry Collection, Volume 1

21526M Glengarry Collection: The Highland Fiddle Music of Aonghas Grant Volume 2

English Fiddling

98552BCD English Fiddle


Flute Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

99824M First Lessons Flute

20888 Introduction to Playing Flute

93896 Flute Fingering Chart

22246 Easy to Play Flute Solos

94196EB Easy Solos For Flute

Flute for the Young Beginner

93407 Flute Primer for Beginning Instruction

93274M Fun with the Flute

93441 Favorite Student Flute Classics

94196EB Easy Solos For Flute

Flute Comprehensive Study

98291 Illustrated Method for Flute

93886 The Flutist’s Companion

95163 Indispensable Scales, Exercises & Etudes - Developing Flutist

93815M Solo Pieces for the Beginning Flutist

20063BCD Solo Collection for Beginning Flute

Flute Assorted Styles

96332M Complete Irish Flute Book

95301 Complete Jazz Flute Book

22195M First Lessons Native American Flute: How to Sit on a Rock

20618 Jazz Flute

98216M 150 Gems of Irish Music for Flute

98527BCD Folk Songs & Dances from the Balkans - Flute Edition

95476M Gospel Flute


Guitar Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

20000M First Lessons Beginning Guitar: Learning Chords/Playing Songs

99931M First Lessons Beginning Guitar: Learning Notes/Playing Solos

93207M Classic Guitar Method, Volume 1

30442BCD First Lessons Flamenco Guitar

30108M First Lessons Fingerstyle Guitar

99919M First Lessons Folk Guitar

99973M First Lessons Flatpicking Guitar

94416 Easiest Rock Guitar Book

99822M First Lessons Blues Guitar

Guitar Learning Chords/Playing Chords

94794 Instant Guitar Chord Finder

93283 Deluxe Guitar Chord Encyclopedia

21786M Modern Guitar Method Grade 1, Playing Chords

98688M Complete Accompaniment Method for Guitar

Guitar Methods for Children

93833M Children’s Guitar Method Volume 1

98650M Children’s Guitar Chord Book

Guitar Class Methods

93300M Guitar Class Method Volume 1

97121M Mastering the Guitar Class Method Elementary to 8th Grade

99553M Mastering the Guitar Class Method 9th Grade & Higher

21663 Guitar for Students (USC)

Plectrum Guitar Comprehensive Study

30504M Mel Bay Modern Guitar Method Complete Edition, Part 1

30505M Mel Bay Modern Guitar Method Complete Edition, Part 2

96620M Mastering the Guitar 1A - Spiral

96621M Mastering the Guitar 1B

Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

 30048M First Lessons Classical Guitar

95119M You Can Teach Yourself Classic Guitar

93212 Easy Classic Guitar Solos

Classical Guitar for Children

20307M Classic Guitar for the Young Beginner

94537M New Dimensions in Classical Guitar for Children

30437BCD 20 Easy Classical Guitar Pieces for Kids

95466 Young Beginner’s First Repertoire for Classic Guitar

Classical Guitar Comprehensive Study

94361 Aaron Shearer Learning The Classic Guitar Guitar Part 1

94362 Aaron Shearer Learning the Classic Guitar Part 2

94363M Aaron Shearer Learning the Classic Guitar Part 3

93400 Complete Method for Classic Guitar

95110 Complete Sor Studies for Guitar

95650 Complete Giuliani Studies

30443 Killer Technique: Classical Guitar

Flamenco Guitar

Flamenco Guitar Comprehensive Study

 93632M Juan Serrano - Flamenco Guitar Basic Techniques

99825SET Play Solo Flamenco Guitar with Juan Martin Vol. 1

98405 The Art of Rasgueado

20394 The Art of Tremolo

Fingerpicking Guitar

Fingerpicking Guitar Comprehensive Study

93232M Complete Chet Atkins Guitar Method

98722M Complete Fingerstyle Guitar Method

20722 Thumbpicking Chord Book

Fingerpicking Blues

98293BCDEB Fingerstyle Blues Method

99658BCDEB Getting Into Blues Guitar


21166M Understanding DADGAD

95686M DADGAD Tuning

Bluegrass/Flatpicking Guitar

Bluegrass/Flatpicking Guitar Comprehensive Study

94562M Complete Flatpicking Guitar Book

93935M Complete Country Guitar

96864M Parking Lot Picker’s Songbook - Guitar

21296 Acoustic Guitar Photo Chords

30110M Play Like A Legend: Doc Watson

Jazz Guitar

Jazz Guitar Comprehensive Study

95384M Complete Jazz Guitar Method

99116M Complete Jerry Hahn Method for Jazz Guitar

99311 Complete Joe Pass

Jazz Guitar Chords

94108 Joe Pass Guitar Chords

93214M Rhythm Guitar Chord System

Jazz Guitar Rhythm

21404BCDEB A Practical Guide to Jazz Band Guitar

20414M Creative Comping Concepts for Jazz Guitar

Jazz Guitar Improvising

21114M Dave Stryker’s Jazz Guitar Improvisation Method

99509M Solo Jazz Guitar Method

21877M Graduated Soloing

Jazz Guitar Solos

WMB001 Jazz Guitar Standards

99902M Barry Galbraith Guitar Solos

99930M Bucky Pizzarelli Master Jazz Guitar Solo Collection

20842 Ben Monder Compositions

20749 Kurt Rosenwinkel Compositions

Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar

95434M Complete Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar

95376M Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar

WMB002 Fingerstyle Jazz

Gypsy Jazz Guitar

20273M Getting Into Gypsy Jazz Guitar

97021 Music of Django Reinhardt

Rock and Blues Guitar

Rock and Blues Guitar Comprehensive Study

 94560MEB Complete Rock Guitar Book

94682M Complete Blues Guitar Book

94846MEB Complete Electric Blues Guitar

Rock and Blues Guitar Rhythm

21046 Rock Guitar Photo Chords

21996M Playing the Blues: Blues Rhythm Guitar

Rock Guitar Improvising

20816M Improvising Without Scales

20680M MBGU Rock Curriculum: Fluid Soloing, Book 1

Bottleneck/Slide Guitar

Bottleneck/Slide Guitar Comprehensive Study

 20200M Getting into Slide Guitar

94571BCD Learn to Play Bottleneck Guitar

Dobro/Resonator Guitar

Dobro/Resonator Guitar Comprehensive Study

 95227M You Can Teach Yourself Dobro

95271M Complete Dobro Player

21692M Parking Lot Picker’s Songbook - Dobro

21980 Chords and Scales for Dorbo and Lap Steel Guitar

Acoustic Lap Steel/Pedal Steel/Hawaiian Guitar

Acoustic Lap Steel/Pedal Steel/Hawaiian Guitar Comprehensive Study

 22183M First Lessons Lap Steel

95666M Basic C6th Nonpedal Lap Steel Method

21980 Chords and Scales for Dobro and Lap Steel Guitar

93489M Deluxe Pedal Steel Guitar Method

94383M The Art of Hawaiian Steel Guitar

Hammered Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

20066M First Lessons Hammered Dulcimer

30361M Dirt Simple Hammered Dulcimer

22209 Easy Does It: Popular Jam Tunes You Can Play for Hammered Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer for the Young Beginner

30521M Hammered Dulcimer for the Young Beginner

Hammered Dulcimer Comprehensive Study

95440M You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer

96675 Hammered Dulcimer Chords

30062M Harmony Time: Embellishments for Hammered Dulcimer

20207 Maggie’s Big Book of Celtic Tunes

99528 The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes

30440 The Sandbridge Dance Tune Collection: Arrangements of Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, Polkas and Rags for the Hammered Dulcimer


Diatonic Harmomnica Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

93305M Fun with the Harmonica

20118M First Lessons Harmonica

30474M Dirt Simple Harmonica

94411 Easiest Harmonica Book

Diatonic Harmonica Comprehensive Study

93737M Deluxe Harmonica Method

96699M Basic Harmonica Method

93882 Harmonica Songbook

95167BCD Building Harmonica Technique

94303M You Can Teach Yourself Harmonica

Blues Harp Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

20180M First Lessons Blues Harmonica

99103M Basic Blues Harmonica Method Level 1

94673 Easiest Blues Harp Book

94698M You Can Teach Yourself Blues Harp

Blues Harp Comprehensive Study

93814M Blues Harp - Diatonic & Chromatic Harmonica

21053M Blues Harmonica, Level 1

95452M Complete Classic Chicago Blues Harp

21055BCDEB Blues Harmonica Play-Along Trax

20943M Improvising Blues Harmonica

95167BCD Building Harmonica Technique

Chromatic Harmonica Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

98586M Basic Chromatic Harmonica

99186M Basic Blues Chromatic for the Diatonic Player, Level 3

Chromatic Harmonica Comprehensive Study

93890M Complete Chromatic Harmonica Method

95404BCD Chromatic Harmonica Solos

94045EB Harmonica Classics

Harmonica For Children

94068 Children's Harmonica Method

94411 Easiest Harmonica Book

Other Harmonica

96317M Tremolo and Octave Harmonica Method


Mandolin Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

99945M First Lessons Mandolin

93257M Mandolin Chords

94331M You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin

94833 Easiest Mandolin Book

94884BCDEB Beginning Mandolin Solos

Mandolin for the Young Beginner

21167BCD Children's Mandolin Method

93258M Fun With the Mandolin

21500 Children's Mandolin Chord Book

20795M My First Mandolin Picking Songs 

Mandolin Comprehensive Study

93321M Complete Mandolin Method

98354 Deluxe Encyclopedia of Mandolin Chords

21156M Complete Mandolinist

20671 Mandolin Technique Studies

99150M Baroque Music for Mandolin

30537 12 Divertimentos for Solo Mandolin 

Bluegrass Mandolin Comprehensive Study

20099M Getting into Bluegrass Mandolin

98354 Deluxe Encyclopedia of Mandolin Chords

22153M Play Like A Legend: Bill Monroe

96865M Parking Lot Picker’s Songbook - Mandolin

99962 Monroe Instrumentals

22086M The Mandolin Picker’s Guide to Bluegrass Improvisation 

Classical Mandolin Comprehensive Study

21156M Complete Mandolinist

30460 Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin Arranged for Mandolin

95353 Mandolin Classics in Tablature

21871M Northern Italian and Ticino Region Folk Songs for Mandolin

22087 Telemann for Mandolin

30537 12 Divertimentos for Solo Mandolin

Jazz Mandolin Comprehensive Study

20835M Getting Into Jazz Mandolin

30502 Mandolin Chord Melody System

98354 Deluxe Encyclopedia of Mandolin Chords

22021M Jazz Mandolin Appetizers

30119 Modes on Mandolin: Improve Your Improvisation 


Mountain Dulcimer Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

30362M Dirt Simple Mountain Dulcimer

98388M First Lessons Dulicmer

93310 Fun with the Dulcimer

98753M The Wonderful World of DAA

94662 Dulcimer Chord Book

94304M You Can Teach Yourself Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer for Children

20249 Complete Children’s Dulcimer Method

21501 Children’s Dulcimer Chord Book

95469EB Basic Dulcimer Solos

Mountain Dulcimer Comprehensive Study

93445M Cripple Creek Dulcimer

94047M Complete Dulcimer Handbook

93858 Dulcimer Chord Encyclopedia

98392M Hands - On Dulcimer

99537M Fingerpicking Dulcimer

93850 Anthology for the Fretted Dulcimer

93682 Dulcimer Song Book


Piano/Keyboard Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

99932M First Lessons Piano

20263 Piano Chords Made Easy

98457 Celebrate the Piano Book 1

20262 Piano Scales Made Easy

93343 Fun with the Piano

Piano for Children

20079M Children’s Piano Method Level 1

94412 Easiest Piano Chord Book

20782 Fun Pieces for Piano

21524 Piano Classics Made Easy

20384M Jazz Piano for the Young Beginner

Piano/Keyboard Comprehensive Study

20077M Modern Piano Method Grade 1

94302M You Can Teach Yourself Piano

20437M You Can Teach Yourself Piano Chords

95991 Complete Book of Exercises for the Pianist

95317 Complete Book of Modulations for the Pianist

95761 Complete Book of Improvisation, Fills and Chord Progressions

99657M Improvisation Step by Step

Jazz Piano

98565M Play Jazz, Blues & Rock Piano by Ear Book One

93768M Jazz Exercises for Piano

98713 Jazz Piano Chords

98715 Jazz Piano Scales & Modes

94028M Jazz Studies for Piano

20909 Jazz Piano Ad-Lib Phrases

Sacred Piano

98232 Complete Church Pianist

94672 Classical Piano for Worship Settings

95992 Country Gospel Piano Solos

98258 12 Spirituals for Piano Solo

93421 Favorite Hymns for Piano Solo


Recorder Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

93290 Fun with the Recorder

93718EB Folk Melodies for Recorder

22105 Recorder Tunes Made Easy, Big Note/Large Print Edition

Recorder for Children

93786 Basic Recorder Method

30507M Complete Children’s Recorder Method

94381EB Recorder Music for Children

Recorder Comprehensive Study

94337M You Can Teach Yourself Recorder

98171M Solo Pieces for the Beginning Descant/Soprano Recorder

93727 400 Years of Recorder Music

93717 Famous Melodies for Recorder

96330 Medieval and Renaissance Music for Recorder - Bancalari


Saxophone Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

22234BCD First Lessons Alto Saxophone

21110EB First Studies for the Saxophone

94719M Easy Solos for Beginning Saxophone, Level 1

20396 Saxophone Fingering and Scale Chart

Saxophone for the Young Beginner

93424 Saxophone Primer

93895 Saxophone Fingering Chart

93273 Fun with the Saxophone

21809 Beginning Saxophonist’s Songbook

Saxophone Comprehensive Study

93472 Saxophone Method

97742 Sax Scales

96298M Easy Classics for Alto Saxophone

95521EB Solo Pieces for the Beginning Saxophonist

30223BCD Introducing Extended Saxophone Techniques

Jazz Saxophone

95300 Complete Jazz Sax Book

99647BCD Essential Jazz Lines: The Style of Charlie Parker, Alto Sax

21959BCD Essential Jazz Lines in the Style of John Coltrane, Tenor Sax

94529 Jazz Saxophone Licks, Phrases & Patterns


Snare Drum for the Young Beginner

93402 A Snare Drum Primer

93326 Fun with the Drums

94493 Fundamentals of Rhythm for the Drummer

Snare Drum Comprehensive Study

93466 Drum Method

96179 Complete Snare Drum Book

20052 Drum Rudiments

22223 Fantastic Hands

98159BCD Beyond Stick Control

21811 24 Snare Drum Solos


String Bass Comprehensive Study

96878M Mastering the Bass Book 1

21118M Compositions for Bass

30070 Killer Technique: Upright Bass

21075 Bass Soloing: A Look Inside Scales

String Bass Alternative Styles

93638 Learn to Play Bluegrass Bass

21929BCD Parking Lot Picker's Songbook - Bass Edition

99387M American Fiddle Tunes for Solo & Ensemble - Cello Bass

99638M Celtic Fiddle Tunes for Solo and Ensemble - Cello, Bass

21289BCD A Bass Player's Guide to Jamming


Tin Whistle Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

94526M Fun with the Tin Whistle

93820M Tin Whistler’s Companion

Tin Whistle for Children

95305M Children’s Tinwhistle Method

93821 Tinwhistle for Beginners

22107 Tinwhistle Tunes Made Easy

Tin Whistle Comprehensive Study

95361M You Can Teach Yourself Tin Whistle

96191M Complete Irish Tin Whistle

98214M Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle

30492 Understanding the Tin Whistle

98215M 150 Gems of Irish Music for Tin Whistle


Trumpet for the Young Beginner

93405EB Trumpet Primer

93893 Trumpet Fingering Chart

93271 Fun with the Trumpet

Trumpet Comprehensive Study

93448 Trumpet Method

96301EB Easy Classics For Trumpet: With Piano Accompaniment

94113BCDEB Trumpet Handbook

21292 Maintaining Trumpet Chops

WBM18 Trumpet Ballads

WBM19 Trumpet Tone Poems

Jazz Trumpet

95299 Complete Jazz Trumpet Book

20472M Essential Jazz Lines: Miles Davis - Trumpet Edition

Sacred Trumpet

WBM17 Hymns for Unaccompanied Trumpet

94054 Trumpet Praise

94056 Hymns & Descants for Trumpet


Ukulele Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

93270M Fun with the Ukulele

20229M First Lessons Ukulele

93269M Ukulele Chords

30029M Dirt Simple Uke

Ukulele for Children

21138M Children’s Ukulele Method

21503 Children’s Ukulele Chord Book

Ukulele Comprehensive Study

94809M You Can Teach Yourself Uke

30095M Modern Ukulele Method Grade 1

93269M Ukulele Chords

20250M Famous Solos and Duets for the Ukulele

22207BCD Great Melodies for Solo Ukulele

Other Ukulele

93265 Baritone Uke Chords

93266M Fun with the Baritone

30058M Ukulele Bass Manual

99789 Ukulele Handbook


Viola Comprehensive Study

21547BCD Modern Viola Method, Grade 1

99423 Easy Classics for Viola

94660 Easy Solos for Beginning Viola

20192 Warm-Ups for the Viola Made Easy

Viola for Children

93615 Fun with the Viola

20621 Beginner Viola Theory for Children, Book One

97039EB The Student Violist: Bach

Viola Alternative Styles

99385M American Fiddle Tunes for Solo & Ensemble - Viola, Score Violin 3

99637M Celtic Fiddle Tunes for Solo and Ensemble - Viola, Violin 3 &

97809 Fiddling for Viola

20188M Jazz Viola Wizard Junior, Book 1

21255 Scottish Fiddling for Viola

21315M Sacred Melodies for Solo Viola


Violin Quick Learn/Short Term Courses

99292M First Lessons Violin

93408 Violin Primer for Beginning Instruction

94582M Easy Solos for Beginning Violin, Level 1

93276 Fun with the Violin

95052 Essential Scales and Studies for Violin, Level 1

98251 Finger Positions for the Violin

Violin for Children

93408 Violin Primer for Beginning Instruction

93276 Fun with the Violin

20296 Beginner Violin Theory for Children, Book One

96187 Finger Fun: A Workbook for 1st Pos. Violin

94582M Easy Solos for Beginning Violin, Level 1

20824M Blues Violin for the Young Beginner 

Violin Comprehnsive Study

93474M Violin Method

21516M Modern Violin Method, Grade 1

96744 Progressive Scale Studies for Violin

95225 Third Position Easy & Melodic Violin Etudes

94819 Solo Pieces for the Beginning Violinist

Jazz Violin

21288M Getting Into Gypsy Jazz Violin

98379M Jazz Fiddle Wizard

21539M Stephane Grappelli Gypsy Jazz Violin

30503 Swingin’ Jazz Fiddle Solos

LP001M Grapelli Licks: The Vocabulary of Gypsy Jazz

Violin Alternative Styles

98980M Easy Klezmer Tunes

98223 French Tangos for Violin

95538M Gypsy Violin

99753 Mariachi Violin Transcriptions

98396 Violin Solos on Balkan Folk Songs and Dances

99565 Violin Solos on Brazilian Themes